What do you think of the idea of a Virtual F2F SBN Conference?

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 27/05/2020 16:35

Three full day events which we call "Virtual F2F" events.

These have been fantastic days.

Awesome presentations. On the spot Questions ... lots of learnings. I really feel we do contribute to and support our SBN community to new competitive advantages.

Evaluations are good.

.... but we all miss the personal contact which we also see in the comments in the evaluations. Like this one: "Flott å ha muligheten til å ha dette online, men F2F gjør det nok mer interaktivt."

This is how my desk looks during these events:

SBN Event Desk


This is how it looks at conference time:

SBN Conference


What do you believe will happen this autumn? Will we meet in person at the SBN Conference? Today I heard a person who was sure there would be a second Covid-19 wave in October. If this happens we cannot bring people together for the SBN conference. It is not possbile if there is slightest chance this can lead to people getting sick. 


Did you like the events this week?

What do you think of the idea of a Virtual F2F SBN Conference in October?

We all miss the networking and the fun from meeting in person... Do you have any ideas on how to create this atmosphere in the virtual world? Your ideas will be much appreciated. 

We always look forward to the F2F version of the SBN Conference. Is it possible to create an Virtual event to look forward to? If yes, we need to do this together...and we need your support and ideas... Have you attended a virtual event which was fun? Do you have ideas which could make a virtual event fun? Send me an e-mail ...

... and what do you think of the idea of a Virtual F2F SBN Conference in October? Or, do you think we should do the conference F2F as in previous years?  Tell me, send me an e-mail ...

Eva-Maria Fahrer
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