The Qualtrics X4 conference was well worth invested time

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 04/06/2019 13:54

Henrik Cronebäck MD Qualtrics and ​Per Alm MD SAP Sweden

The Qualtrics conference X4 Stockholm was very nice, from the keynotes by Henrik Cronebäck and good speakers from Qualtrics to the Qualtrics customers like Nokia, Tieto, Tetra Pak, Oriflame and Electrolux.

X4 Stockholm key takeaways

Henrik Cronebäck, MD Qualtrics was a very good moderator and speaker, he pointed at that the world’s best brands now compete on experience - not price or product - reflecting a seismic global shift in customer expectations and behaviours. Henrik said that many companies think they’re delivering a good experience, but they’re not and if they want to succeed they must instrument themselves in the right way and not rely on single metrics looked at in isolation. Henrik had a "talk-show" with ​Per Alm the MD of SAP Sweden. See picture on top.

Liisa Holma, TietoLiisa Holma, Tieto shared Tietos customer experience and she said happy consultants and employees "make" happy customers and happy customers are good business.

Linda De Giuseppe, Electrolux
Linda De Giuseppe, Electrolux shared exprience they gotfrom the usage of their webpage and how Electrolux is chaning to meet customers expectations in seeking for information and comparing products.

Nicolas Ruprecht, Tetra Pak

Nicolas Ruprecht, Tetra Pak talked about how Tetra Pak have been combining SAP (O data) and Qualtrics (X data) integration achieves end to end experience management 

Mark  Hayton Global Lead for Organisation Development Analytics //  Nokia

Mark Hayton, Global Lead for Organisation Development Analytics Nokia talked about the change in Nokia and how they used Qualtrics to make people feel engaged.

Dr Peter  Lovatt Professor of Dance

Dr Peter Lovatt, Professor of Dance surprised us and made us dance as part of the story he shared related to using Qualtrics for measuring and analysing test results in sience.

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