First plans for the spring 2024 🌱

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 28/09/2023 13:28

Sneak Peek - First draft plans 2024

The first very draft and early plans are now made for 2024. Join in and influence on the focus SBN will have in 2024

SBN Energy Day

A preliminary date is set March 6th. 
Would you like to have this day in your premises? If you are a member or partner this is possible. Organised by Eva-Maria Fahrer and my new collegue Kristin Van Bruggen. See contact information below.   Here you find a link to the day in 2023      


SBN and SAP User Group SIG Leads

Active SBN member are offered to join SBN and travel to SAP Germany to meet SAPs product experts. On invitation only. A very preliminary date is set to 19 20 of March. See link 2023

SBN Annual meeting

Virutal probably Friday the 22 March. Organised by Eva-Maria Fahrer. See link to 2023's annual meeting



SBN SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Day

Most likely virtual also in 2023. Will preliminary be held on April 3 and as previous years owned and organised by Didrik Arstad. Link to the 2023 day

SBN IT Architect Day

Most likely virtual also in 2023 and will be held April 9 by Sigurd Skyum. Link to the 2023 day


In addition we are planning for events on:   

SAP BTP,  SBN Value creation with SAP S/4HANA Day,  SBN CIO event,  SBN S/4HANA Project- and Implementation Day, SBN Data Quality Day, Sustainability Retail and Finans angle ,  2 SBN HR Days ,  SBN Finance Function Day, SBN Supply Chain, SBN Analytics Function Day, PLM, CRM and ALM days + the SBN Conference in 2024. Date's will come


Questions? Ideas? Just send an e-mail or call  ...

Spring ideas 2024

Or, use this link or Scan this QR-code  





Eva-Maria FahrerPosted by Eva-Maria Fahrer, CEO of the SBN User Group. Contact information found here 




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