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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 02/02/2019 10:07

2019-01-18//  We look forward to getting started with the e-mailing again and hope you register for all our events. If you do, I look forward to meeting you at our web meetings and our face-to-face meetings.

I attend every single meeting.

I want to be sure that what we present to you, as our valued member, is relevant and important to you.

I attend every single meeting because I want to be sure that what we present to you, as our valued member, is relevant and important to you. Ideally, I would like to interview every person from every SAP consulting and every SAP end-customer company about how things are at work, which projects are underway and how we at SBN Adfahrer can help. It is important for me to know what you think and want, no matter what you work with as long as it is related to SAP. If we can support, I pass on, where relevant, to our other members or send it to the smart people at SAP and our partners for a response. The wishes of our members and partners are the basis for all activities we perform. 

SAP Leonardo SBN Adfahrer

Many new SAP technology developments have reached the level of maturity to fill our spring events with exciting and useful new solutions. However, we will provide a balance at our events where user cases of putting solutions in place and using them in normal daily processes will complement the presentation of new SAP solutions. Not all SAP solutions have reached a full level of maturity but we do our best to get as much useful information to you as possible. Remember that all SBN events are free for members. Subscription for a one person membership costs as little as 1700 Euros for 12 months.

The new SAP Analytic Cloud seems to be a super product. We are therefore starting a formal group in this area. We have already had three meetings. The difference will be that we will establish a leader team with named people to discuss interesting themes for upcoming events. In addition, the people in the leader team will have a direct dialogue with SAP. SAP has developed a SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence product for customers who have a lot of data and this product seems very promising. It will be presented on two different occasions this spring at SBN events. Once in a workshop aimed at Sales and Marketing people and once as a presentation to those who are in the Finance area. Tip! Check this very interesting recorded presentation from last autumn if you are curious.

Our new web-community makes it 
possible to subscribe to a discussion thread

Our new web-community makes it possible to subscribe to a discussion thread. You will be notified by the e-mail of your choice, this makes it possible for you to post a reply or just “cover” an ongoing discussion. This new functionality will be extremely useful for HR where we sometimes have time pressure combined with new governmental demands for functionality. You will, in the new website, be able to join groups and subscribe to information as before.

We look forward to the automation we get with the new solution. During autumn 2018, we also changed our accounting system and bank. The combination enables us to avoid a lot of repetitive work. We look forward to be able to focus more on value adding tasks as soon as the system and processes are stable.

The new website will open this week. If nothing unexpected happens, our work moves to the new web-page  www.sbn.no by the end of next week. This means publication of new things and event registration will be on the new page end of next week. We have tested the processes, corrected errors, tested again and corrected errors and tested again and again, but if you do see something that is crazy so please tell us. We now have a community and web that we can correct and develop. We are extremely pleased with the possibilities this opens. We have so many improvement ideas but unfortunately a lack of budget to implement them all. There will unfortunately be a period of building a wish list before we can afford to develop new functionality even though our partner is very good.

The old page will continue to be available. It can found on www.sap-sbn.no and www.adfahrer.com for a long time. We are a small organisation and moving many years of history is too demanding as it has to be done manually. The old web page will remain a few years as our archive.

We froze our customer master data on December 23. I have since then cleaned the master data and it is being imported to the new system on Thursday 16 January. I've checked that everything is correct. Cross your fingers, together with mine that nothing is wrong. After the customer master data import, a lot of manual work begins, including the “stored” corrections made since 23 December. All subscriptions and memberships have to be converted by Cathrine so that our members can log in. All upcoming events with associated prices will be converted by Cathrine to enable our members to register for free. All of our wonderful partners and their nicely laid out marketing information will be converted by Joakim to the new web. Finally the Innovation Teams (SIGs) and the latest posts will be converted by me and my colleagues.  

By then we have made a 1:1 conversion and are ready to start the journey on the new platform. We look forward to as example integrate Ruum from SAP. I very nice light-ware project tool which our members will love.

Then, as this has been done, the new life in the new environment begins with new exciting news and events …I do look forward to this ...

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