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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 23/11/2021 12:12

A Head of an SBN InnoTeam creates the base, room and arena for knowledge sharing. He/She has the important role to help our SBN community in the use and utilization of SAP.

In this demanding role. You need to keep your knowledge in the forefront of the latest SAP strategies and tools to be able to develop interesting and relevant events for the SBN members

We are looking for a person with great interest and knowledge of SAP as Martin Brownsword is retiering. You will work with a team of cross-functional and cross-company colleagues to create relevant events for the SBN members.

We are on a rolle coaster of change for all Industries and Technology is a driving force. To stay ahead and learn of what technology and especially SAP can do for our community is the main obective for our InnoTeams which function as Program commitees for our events.

You can be a person already in a position to influence the use of SAP in your own organization and are looking to share and extend your knowledge in the interest of our community in cooperation with your colleagues in SBN-Adfahrer heading InnoTeams.

You can be a person on your way to retire either fully or partly with a long experience and interest in SAP or Technology and who would like to work part time.

This is an assignment linked to clear goals and KPI's. It can be a not so demanding volunteer assignement if this is a match for your situation and/or engagement level. It can also be a paid engagement but then more demanding based on clear deliverables. It is  related to your wish for engagement and present role.

The area where we need a new InnoTeam Head is in IT, with topics like Architecture, Deployment methods, Innovation, Service level, Move to S/4HANA, RISE etc .

We also need a person in the area of CX and Retail, with focus on functionality. 
If you are interested in a role at SBN-Adfahrer but these areas do not match your areas of interest, please get in contact anyway, we may find a match anyway.

The assignment can be tailored to your current role. 


Eva-Maria Fahrer

Call me 922 52 539 or send and me an e-mail ... if you like to discuss this opportunity ... Or, talk to Didrik Arstad or Bernt Bakken who are the real experts in demands of the role 😊

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