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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 15/01/2024 15:00

Our SBN Collegues are the best!

Technology is a driving force for Business process improvments. Our collegues have access to the latest news, the best Experts and the relevant solution experience in their work to build the most interesting agenda for our members.

Join us if you like to "make peoples life better" based on solutions from SAP and IT solutions.  

You will work with a team of cross-functional and cross-company colleagues. Tools, access and administraive support is available for you and our collegues when creating relevant events for our SBN members.

Picture: Sigurd Skyum discussing with representatives from SAP.

The SBN role is part-time. Combine the role with:

  • an employment at a SAP Customer. 
  • the role of an independent consultant.
  • the life of beeing retired but with a wish to constribute to a better world. 

Work with one event or several events. You can have a "Head Role" for a for a topic or you can just give your input to one agenda as part of a program comittee.


Picture: Didrik Arstad, SBN Head of Finance and Analytics leading the workshop in the Keynote track at the SBN Conference 2022

Members, partners and SAP are important for SBN. We meet and collaborate frequently. The knowledge you need to understand the challenges our members have comes from these meetings.

Simultanisly you will be in the forefront of the latest SAP strategies and tools. This makes this SBN collaboration so interesting. In cooperation we develop best and most interesting and relevant events for our SBN members.

If you are interested ... click this link and fill in your data or ...

Eva-Maria Fahrer

Call me Eva-Maria Fahrer on 922 52 539 or send and me an e-mail ... if you like to discuss this opportunity

PS: It is possible to work voluntary or paid, which best fits your situation.

... Or, talk to Didrik Arstad, Sigurd Skyum, Stein Ove Røv who are SBN Heads.  Or a person who was: Bernt Bakken who has retired. Or, talk to a person in the SBN Core Leadershipo Team or a InnovationTeam or program comittee 😊


//Top picture - Eva-Maria Fahrer, CEO SBN and Kjell Jensen from Anora President in SBN together with colleagues in Core Leadership Team and Head positions

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