We wish you a fantastic Easter with an easy recipe for an Easter cake.

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 24/03/2021 13:29

πŸ₯ The SBN Core Leadership Team, Adfahrer and members joining the annual meeting thanks you for your contribution this year and wishes you a Fantastic Easter on behalf of all members in SBN.  πŸ₯


πŸ₯ And a small tip - An easy Easter Cake, designed like a bird's nest.

It’s easy to make as it is made out of ready made stuff like ice cream. All has to be eaten at the fist serving as it melts away so make a small one for one person or a large one for many. This recipe is made for 10 servings which means a large cake.


  1. Melt (white) chocolate in a water bath. Keep the temperature low and stir. (Chocolate can easy crumble if it gets to hot. Ideal temperature is 87 degrees. If above 90-95 it will crumble.
  2. Rub in a bowl with a smooth surface that holds two liters, rub the inside with oil. Tip, take two drops of oil in your hand and use your hand.
  3.  Pour in the chocolate and cover the surface with an even layer using a spatula. (If the chocolate runs out, set the bowl in the freezer for a few minutes, then take out and continue to cover the edges of the bowl to an even layer of chocolate.) When ready, set in the freezer to set for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Take the bowl out of the freezer and fill it with soft-stirred ice cream. The ice cream can be flavoured or you can it it with crushed meringues, fruit, jam or an other type of ice cream. Smooth at the top and set in the freezer to solidify for at least 1 hour.

Serving instruction

Place caramel strings and candy eggs in a circle on a large serving platter. Take out the ice cream and gently heat the bottom of the bowl with warm water so that it comes loose. Carefully turn the ice cream upside down on the plate and serve immediately. 


OR, Prepare like this:

If you like the layout idea but do not want the work with the chocolate in the bowl.

  1. Take the ice cream out of the package(s), form it like an egg on an empty plate.
  2. Decorate the ice cream by placing candy strings and candy eggs around it. 
  3. Ready for serving πŸ₯


If you like the idea of the chocolate but still do not like the bowl thing.

  1. It’s possible to spread or brush the ice cream with melted chocolate.


Things you need and links:

and eventual:

  • 300 g (white) chocolate
  • Neutral oil
  • 60 g meringues

Recepie in orginal and picture picked up from this page


  Enjoy ! Easter greetings from us!

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