We wish you a fantastic summer holiday

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 21/06/2023 08:49

Picture from Oslo

It has been a fantastic sun and summer weather. Let's hope we get more. This spring has been a bit more work intense for our members than usual. Many projects are started and the new digitalisation is implemented almost everywhere. The autumn will also offer lots of work. 

It has been a fantastic spring for us. We have had the chance to meet our members. We have heard about lots of projects and smart solutions to be implemented as well as ongoing work to prepare and clean for upcoming projects. 

In October we look forward to meet again and before that meet virtual in webinars and other virtual meeting points. 

We have identified a strong demand for talking, discussing, learning related to ongoing improvement and innovation work. At the SBN Conference we will offer rooms for scheduled round-table discussions as well as ad-hoc discussions.

We look very much forward to meet in the autumn but before that we will enjoy a rest and wish you a summer where you get the chance to load your batteries. 

We wish you a wonderful summer! ☀️

The SBN Team, 

Eva-Maria, Didrik, Sigurd, Joakim and our fantastic Core Leadership Team with Kjell, Nick, Dag, Gunn, JC, Jan Morten and Svanhild

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