Webinar: Accelerate your digital transformation by moving to the cloud

Posted by Joakim Löves on 15/03/2023 20:45


Doing business as usual or even delaying action is no longer an option. 

It's time to prepare and accelerate innovation in the destination of cloud to support the existing business and transform to innovate for future growth.   

Now more than ever, digital transformation must succeed. Digital transformation has been around for a while, but now it's a necessity for business survival. 

The business environment is simply moving too fast, and we must adapt quickly or be left behind. The pandemic has exposed the risk that organizations have been taking all along by not maintaining and updating their core IT systems.  The pressure to digitize has forced organizations to rethink about the best way to transform their business. 

Although there are other reasons to modernize, we know that the cloud is the #1 driver of change and transformation.

Join this webinar and learn more from Maria Moltzer and Tomas Heepe about how to:

  • Migrate and optimize
  • Get cloud-ready
  • Start your journey to the cloud to transform into an intelligent enterprise by using SAP® Solution Extensions from OpenText.

This webinar on April 18th is aimed at organizations running SAP archive solutions or SAP capture on-premises and are interested in moving to the cloud. 

More info and registration on this link


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