Webinar: Getting Started With SAP’s Innovation Platform

Posted by Joakim Löves on 20/05/2020 08:26


SAP Cloud Platform is an open innovation platform which is delivered as platform-as-a-service. The platform makes is easy and fast to combine data from multiple sources, including SAP ECC - & S/4HANA – as well as third party services. In this way, you achieve full flexibility to combine your data with intelligent services. These services enable anything from improvement of user experience (UX) via Fiori Cloud as well as development-, extension- and deployment of standard- and custom applications, data driven insights via predictive- and smart business services and integrations via API Business Hub. All this in the Cloud which means less down-time and faster go-lives. Fine words.

Join this “Getting Started” webinar, where we will provide you with an overview of what to consider in regards to system architecture, licenses and general administration. Furthermore, we will present some of the must-have services. In other words, your company will be well prepared to really get started with SAP’s new innovation platform and create value much faster than ever before.
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