What Is SAP Mobile Start?

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 10/09/2021 08:51

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SAP Mobile Start is a native app that serves as the mobile entry point to SAP’s business applications and content, providing users with a consumer-grade experience. Thoughtfully predefined content for typical persona and industry roles allows users to execute mobile-enabled business processes.

Most interactions with your mobile devices are short moments and glances that deliver information. In mere seconds, you can respond to updates and, if needed, take action immediately. We call these situations “micro-experiences.” Over the course of the day, people interact with multiple business processes and access data and applications from various systems.

Take the example of a project manager. People in this role require a great understanding of the many different dependencies needed to successfully deliver on the project goals for their customers. To fulfill this responsibility, they always need access to relevant data — to successfully coordinate a project, update daily reports, or simply validate time sheets. SAP Mobile Start helps them meet these business needs right from their smart devices.

In addition, you can tailor experiences to each role’s habits and tasks using the mobile app. You can adjust it for individual roles and work styles, so that users can optimize their daily tasks. To define the right content for all main mobile personas, we are working closely with customers and partners to identify business needs and priorities.

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