Which conference track is the best? Win a gift-card

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 01/10/2019 11:54

Which Track will get most participants? 

Hvilket spor på SBN-konferansen får flest besøkende?
Vinn et gavekort og som du kan bruke til kinobilletter


  1. Listen to Bernt Bernt Bakken, Didrik Didrik Arstadand MaritinMartin Brownsword as they talk about their Tracks on this link
  2. Now make your Guess
    Try to Win a Gift-card on this link

  3. and, enter your e-mail here to be in the lottery
  4. Follow the voting results in below report:



If you win, why not use the Gift-card for movie tickets, as example:
Rambo was released in Norway 20 september 2019 - 93% say they liked the film.
See the trailer on this link.



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