Would you like to join in on a Round-Table on Sustainability?

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 07/04/2020 14:20

The SAP sustainability team will be available for a roundtable to discussion.

The discussion topics will be:
Overall sustainability approach (10-15 Min)

  • Integration into core business
  • Creating economic, social and environmental impact within planetary boundaries
  • Enabler and exemplar
  • Holistic value creation and steering
  • Focus areas

Deep dives into 1 to max. 3 examples out of the following (10 – min per topic chosen)

  • Climate Action (Climate 21 as enabler – Carbon neutral target / SBTi as exemplar)
  • Circular Economy (Plastics Cloud as enabler – Phase out single-use plastics as exemplar)
  • Value Balancing Alliance

Would you like to join in?

Eva-Maria FahrerWould you like to discuss sustainability with SAP?

Send me an e-mail to em(at)adfahrer.com or call +47 922 52 539

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