SBN Webinar: Custom code transformation in SAP S/4HANA for ABAP Cloud

Start: 9/02 11:30 | End: 9/02 12:30

Custom code transformation in SAP S/4HANA for ABAP Cloud

Date: February 9th, 11:30-12:30
Location: Webinar

In this session you will learn how to handle your ABAP custom code after an SAP S/4HANA system conversion with regard to clean core including different options: from retirement of the unused code and adaptation for SAP S/4HANA to renovation and innovation with ABAP Cloud. The well-known tools Custom Code Migration app, ABAP development tools with Quick Fixes and ABAP test cockpit support you during all relevant analysis and adaptation tasks.


Olga DolinskajaOlga Dolinskaja
Product Manager for ABAP Platform




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Sigurd Skyum

Sigurd Skyum
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Number of participants: 19

  • Doreen Hütten  
    Kverneland AS
  • Kim Øgaard Pedersen  
    SmartShift Technologies GmbH
  • Tor Johansen  
    Power International AS
  • Ole Peder Rolstad  
  • Nahman Hussain  
    Norsk Gjenvinning Norge AS
  • Oddleif Rotmo  
    Sopra Steria
  • Odd H Skarstøen  
    Elkjøp Nordic
  • Muthu Prabakaran Selvam  
  • Martin Johan Nærland  
    Direktoratet for forvaltning og økonomistyring
  • Therese Thorvaldsen  
    Coop Norge SA
  • Fredrik Johannesson  
    Takeda AS
  • Konrad Drygas  
    Direktoratet for forvaltning og økonomistyring
  • Jens Andersen  
    Alumeco A/S
  • Haavard Kvaløy Kirste  
    Coop Norge SA
  • Rehan Yousaf   
    Elkjøp Nordic
  • Erik Munkerud  
  • Olga .Dolinskaja  
  • Sigurd Skyum