SAP + ANSYS: Simulation-based Digital Twins

Start: 22/11 09:00

SAP + ANSYS: Simulation-based Digital Twins

SAP Norway Engineering Center of Excellence (PEI CoE) works closely with our partner ANSYS ( within Simulation-based Digital Twins, which is then delivered under the product name SAP Predictive Engineering Insights (PEI). SBDT combines the most advanced simulation and engineering tools with IoT technology and SAP's framework for cloud-based Asset management solutions. This provides unique opportunities for monitoring and control of critical equipment and critical systems / processes, as well as for the introduction of "true" predictive maintenance and simulation of operations.

This webinar will be particularly suitable for those involved in both equipment design and control and monitoring solutions or responsible for the operation and operation of complex processes and systems where the consequences of an unplanned shutdown are great.



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Slides on this link

Audun Grimstad
SAP PEI / SAP Norway Engineering Center of Excellence

Ankit Aggarwal,
SAP PEI / SAP Norway Engineering Center of Excellence


Tags: logistics, sap, sap knowledge

Number of participants: 17

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  • Daniel Zwick  
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  • Audun Grimstad  
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