SBN Webinar: Extend SAP SuccessFactors How to close your solution gaps

Start: 10/06 09:00 | End: 10/06 10:00

How to use SAP Business Technology Platform to close solution gaps, by extending SAP SuccessFactors

June 10th, 09:00-10:00

Do you want to optimise a critical, high-volume process that cannot be implemented efficiently in SuccessFactors? Or do you have higher requirements than normal for the user interface due to the target audience? Then you should attend tis webinar on SAP Business Technology Platform.

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and it enables clients to host a custom-developed solution. This means allowing you to extend SuccessFactors into areas of your organisation where you either cannot or do not want to use the standard solutions offered by SAP. In fact, it can be used to extend any system with API capabilities. The SAP Business Technology Platform contains a powerful toolkit of services ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT), gamification, and machine learning to a fully web-based development UI. Applications are built to easily fetch and model data from OData APIs and align with the FIORI design guidelines to seamlessly support your organisation’s processes in the cloud.


  • Introduction
  • What is Business Technology Platform and how can it be utilised?
  • Why use BTP?
  • Showcase of extensions to SuccessFactors
  • BaneNor kundecase
  • A typical project – what does it take?
  • Q&A

More info: Extensions - GP Strategies (


Tom Cieslak-KristensenTom Cieslak-Kristensen (LinkedIn)
Head of Application Development
GP Strategies


Marit StrømmenMarit Strømmen (LinkedIn)
Customer Engagement Executive
GP Strategies


Stian Berg LarsenStian Berg Larsen (LinkedIn)
Konsernstab HR
Bane NOR






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Bernt BakkenBernt Bakken
Head of HR in SBN
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
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    GP Strategies
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    GP Strategies
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    Sariba Consulting AS
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