SBN Webinar - SAP PLM Spec Collaboration

7/05 | Start: 10:30

SAP PLM Spec Collaboration

May 7, 10:30-11:30

SAP PLM Spec Collaboration uses the SAP Specification Database. The solution centralizes many different specification types—from primary specs, secondary specs even to artwork specs. A workflow system streamlines PLM processes across divisions (marketing, planning, procurement, compliance, packaging, and manufacturing) for the creation, review, and approval of packaging specifications. The workflow design also allowed for flexible ad hoc routing as well as a detailed audit log to ensure proper processing and compliance. Documents are stored centrally on SAP Document Management System (SAP DMS) and shared throughout the enterprise and supply chain via SAP collaboration tools.

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Espen LeknesEspen Leknes (LinkedIn)
Experienced PLM consultant - creating world class PLM solution for SAP customers with SAP and Siemens 



Felix ReichleFelix Reichle (LinkedIn)
Felix Reichle has Experience working with a variety of customers and in the manufacturing industry in the area of SAP Product Lifecycle Managementand and has been involved in the development and go-to-market strategy.


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Bernt BakkenBernt Bakken
Head of Energy & Logistics in SBN
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 480 34 248

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