Link to: SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined.

Start: 15/06 16:00

Listen to the  SAP CEO Christian Klein opening SAPPHIRE NOW the 15th June 16:00-17:30.

June 15th, 16:00 - 17:30

Christian Klein will shares his vision for a reimagined SAP, including innovations in development and customer success stories. The discussion will be lead by Eva-Maria Fahrer, a long experienced leader of SBN and be joint by Martin Brownsword, Head of IT and Retail in SBN, Didrik Arstad Head of Finance and Analytics, Bernt Bakken Head of Logistics and HR and Joakim Löves, responsible of partner contacts and CIO of Adfahrer AB. Join this discussion and share your thoughts with us after Christian Kleins keynote.

Christian Kleins keynote will be held in SAPs meeting tool and the discussion will be held in SBNs meeting tool, so unfortunately you have to log on and off to join the session. The discussion will follow by the end of the Christian Kleins presentation. This is today estimated to be a discussion start-time of around 13:00. This start time can move when we get the exact time for Christian Kleins presentation.

Link to registration of Christian Kleins SAPPHIRE NOW Vision presentation is found here.


Christian KleinChristian Klein is Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. In his role as COO, Klein leads SAP’s transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise by focusing on business process simplification, global IT, product and services quality, portfolio and investment strategy, intelligent data and analytics, and value achievement through digital innovation adoption to the benefit of both customers and employees.

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