SBN Webinar: Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence

5/06 | Start: 13:00

Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence

June 5th, 2020, 13.00 - 14.00

Enterprise chatbots empower employees, clients, and business partners to access enterprise data from any edge, in any language communicating via their preferred channel using text or voice messages.
Based on the SAP Conversational AI platform capabilities, deep dive into Skybuffer AI content which understands corporate guidelines, makes real-time smart recommendations, predicts workflow actions, and executes Intelligent Enterprise operations.

Join this webinar to get a better understanding of what AI chatbots can do for you and learn from relevant customer cases.

The webinar will be held by:

Sveinung Gehrken,Sveinung Gehrken,
S5 Consulting


Siarhei Tsikhanenka, PhDSiarhei Tsikhanenka, PhD,
SAP Practice Manager


Contact Martin if you have questions or comments.

Martin BrownswordMartin Brownsword
Head of Innovation Team IT, HANA, Projects
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 917 11 593

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S5 slides
SAP slides
Transforming IT Landscape into Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Conversational AI and AI solution

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Number of participants: 25

  • Tatsiana Skrypko
    Skybuffer AS
  • Olav Klungtveit
    Capgemini Norge AS
  • Hans Rusten Wang
    S5 Consulting AS
  • Anisa Nazaj
    We Sell IT
  • Siarhei Tsikhanenka
  • Roy Marthinsen
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Svanhild Didriksen
    ConocoPhillips Norge
  • Sveinung Gehrken
  • Stian Windsland
    S5 Consulting AS
  • Vitor Salgado
  • Ida Merete Skråstad
    Maske AS
  • Bernt Bakken
  • Torunn Kvia Nærland
    Kverneland AS
  • Elin Haukeland Madell
    Sariba AS
  • Børge Thomassen
    Coop Norge SA
  • Finn D Buø
    Zalaris Consulting AS
  • Ann-Magritt Carlsen
  • Ilya Amosov
    Independent Consultant
  • Ann-Magritt Carlsen
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer
  • Marita Johansen
    Sariba Consulting AS
  • Muna Taarland
  • Artur Latifov
  • Morten Schjelderup
    S5 Consulting AS
  • Martin Brownsword