SBN Webinar: Sustainability and PLM

Start: 30/08 10:30 | End: 30/08 11:30

Sustainability and PLM

Date: August 30th, 10:30-11:30
Location: Webinar

Sustainability in SAP PLM is a transformative approach, integrating eco-conscious practices into the product lifecycle. It streamlines eco-design, aiding in the selection of sustainable materials and optimizing energy-efficient designs. SAP PLM also aids in regulatory compliance, ensuring alignment with evolving environmental standards. Ultimately, it empowers businesses to create and manage products that minimize their ecological footprint.
Selecting sustainable materials to optimize energy usage and to minimize environmental impact during product design.
Staying updated with evolving environmental regulations, ensuring products satisfy sustainability standards throughout their lifecycle.
PLM fosters visibility across supply chains, identifying and collaborating with eco-friendly suppliers to ensure adherence to sustainability goals.


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