Our passion at EPI-USE Labs is to help you get the most out of your SAP® system to improve your business's efficiency and profitability. To support your daily work, we develop superior software products that complement and boost your SAP system. Our solutions enhance, simplify and speed up data management – We make it possible for you to access the information you need to manage your business, whenever you need it.

EPI-USE Labs grew out of the global EPI-USE organisation, we realised the demand for there were opportunities to create unique solutions that would significantly transform the SAP environment. These innovations will save time, reduce costs and give our clients better control. Today, more than 1.000 companies and organisations use our software.

Key Solutions

Copy and scramble your SAP data: Copy your productive SAP system in a subset, Data Sync Manager creates test and development clients with a reduced footprint, protecting the copies in compliance with the GDPR. Data may be is copied on demand, non-production systems can be up to date, enabling more efficient testing, training and support and significantly reducing the need for disk space.

Your company may wish to copy HCM data only. EPI-USE Labs offers you a specialised version of Data Sync Manager that includes only data from the HCM module, Data Sync Manager for HCM. Data Sync Manager for HCM gives you flexible, consistent and secure copies of HCM data, including Personnel Planning Data for some or all PD Object Types.


Enjoy powerful and easy SAP HCM reporting with Query Manager. Standard reports are inflexible and incomplete; custom reports are costly and time-consuming, and other reports are not HR-specific. Query Manager gives you over a 100 free, ready-to-run sample Queries, which you can also use as templates. Our customers say that, on average, building reports is 80% quicker with Query Manager.


EPI-USE Labs Nordics: Karin Ejstrup, Karin@labs.epiuse.com +45 2348 5245