Streamline your flows with Pagero

Pagero offers e-order and e-invoice services that help businesses to streamline operations throughout the entire order-to-pay process. Our services are delivered in the cloud via our network Pagero Online. The services are independent of ERP system, industry and transaction volume and suit all types of businesses.

You reach all your suppliers and customers via one single connection
Pagero’s solution is a cloud service that gives your company a cost-effective way of communicating electronically with all your suppliers and/or customers via one channel. A single connection is required – to Pagero Online. You can easily add new suppliers/customers yourself so that you can start communicating with them. No manual intervention is required from Pagero and there is no additional cost.

You do not need to think about formats
With Pagero, the only file format you need to think about is your own. All messages sent via Pagero Online are automatically converted to the format used by the recipient. This service is included as standard for all our customers.

You also reach companies that use other service providers
Pagero has interoperability agreements with a large number of other service providers around the world, and we are constantly working actively to expand our network of partners. Consequently, our customers are able to reach not only the companies that use Pagero’s network, but also a large number of companies that use other service providers.

We adapt our services to fit your needs
All our customers communicate via one single platform, Pagero Online. In order to meet the variable conditions in which companies operate, we offer different ways of communicating with Pagero Online based on, automation needs, invoice volume and company structure. In addition, we offer a number of value added services that can easily be added in order to customize our service to the needs of each individual company.

Your messages are in safe hands with us!
Pagero Online is highly accessible, and it is as safe to send messages via Pagero Online as it is to send information via your online bank. We guarantee that the messages will be received within a set time, and you will automatically receive notifications that they have reached the recipients. You can also rest assured that the content of the messages are in safe hands with us. All information sent via Pagero Online is encrypted so it is only accessible by the recipient. You also have free access to the Pagero Service & Support Center if you should have any questions.


“We are currently active in 23 EMEA countries, with another 5 onboarding in the next few months. With the help of Pagero, we have been able to fulfil every tax and legal requirement in every country.“  Mr. Thomas Bonwetsch, Program Manager, EMEA eInvoicing Program Direct Accounts, HP.

“It is an advantage to us using a service provider who is well acquainted with the various markets in the Nordics and in the rest of Europe, and we consider Pagero to be a secure partner that we want to continue to expand with in the future.” Marcus Wolf, IT-Manager i K-rauta.

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