SBN and SAP User Group SIG Leads Meet SAP Experts

Start: 10/03 09:00 | End: 10/03 12:00

SBN and SAP User Group SIG Leads Meet SAP Experts

For this event you need a personal invitation by us. (New date - moved from 23 February to 10th or March.) Welcome are leaders of Teams (Special Interest Groups SIGs). In 2021 the meeting will be virtual as in 2020.

This is a very special premium opportunity for people supporting SBN with ideas and topics for our SBN member events. You will speak directly to the people head of development of SAP products, called Product Manangers.

Eva-Maria FahrerDo you have questions or want to know if it's possible to join in 2021? Please contact Eva-Maria or send your message to the shared inbox on email info(at)



Registration is by invitation only: 

PowerPoint presentatations are published in the "for members only" section, visible above this comment  (if you are logged in).

9:00 Keynote session - Michael Ameling is replaced by 

Matthias Allgaier, Head of Product Management, T&I Cross Architecture
Sameer Patel, Head of Market Strategy, SAP Product Engineering

Topic is: Update on SAPs Integration Strategy, by the person responsible of Cross-Product Architecture.  The presentation is created by Michael Ameling head of the Intelligent Enterprise Program and is leading the Intelligent Enterprise Technology team. The team is ensuring consistent integration and adoption of technology. He reports to Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer who is in the CLT of SAP.

10:00 The Product Expert topics. See below these are the topics we are invited to discuss with the Product Mananger at SAP. Details about the speakers and the topics in this PDF

1. Analytics
4. Enterprise Architecture
5. Enterprise Asset Management
6. Finance
7. HCM
8. Integration
9. Intelligent Technologies
10. Public Sector
11. Retail
12. S/4HANA
13. SAP Cloud Platform
14. Security & GRC (11 March 10:00-11:30)
15. Solution Manager

Se links to the virtual event 2020 and the Face2Face event in 2019


See below picture from SAP - User Group Collaboration project to create this awesome event.


Tags: cx, retail, finance, analytics, hr, remuneration, it, hana, projects, supply chain

Number of participants: 30

  • Anders Nystøl  
  • Inger Marie Solbrekke  
    Statkraft AS
  • Martin Brownsword  
  • Silvia Gomez  
  • Endre Rasmussen  
  • Thor Øyvind Nilsen  
    Equinor ASA
  • Jose Exmineo  
    Takeda AS
  • Magnus Ollfors  
    Statkraft ASA
  • Stein Rynning Moshuus  
    Aibel AS
  • Bernt Olsen  
    AkerBP AS
  • Didrik Arstad  
  • Erik Fosser  
    Norsk Hydro
  • Holger Lämmel  
    Norsk Hydro ASA
  • Freddy Hafskjold  
    Statkraft ASA
  • Merete Løkse  
    Norgesgruppen Data AS
  • Espen Øvergaard  
    Statkraft ASA
  • Bård Strande  
    Norgesgruppen Data AS
  • Sveinar Urstad  
  • Nina Schmid  
    ConocoPhillips Norge
  • Veronika Midtgård  
    Aibel AS
  • Katrin Olsen  
  • Anne Maibauer  
  • Goncalo Vaz  
    Coop Norge
  • Jørgen Lindeberg  
    Orkla IT AS
  • Jon Anders Lundh  
    Statkraft ASA
  • Bernt Bakken  
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer  
  • Marita Johansen  
    Sariba Consulting AS
  • Arne Gjerstad  
  • Guillaume Fagernes-Turpin