Jevn ut lønnsgapet: 'SAP SuccessFactors - Compensation' og likelønn

Posted by Joakim Löves on 28/09/2021 10:02

Bridging the wage gap: SAP SuccessFactors Compensation and equal pay

The equal pay principle states that employees in the same enterprise shall be paid equally for the same work or for work of equal value, regardless of their gender.

Equal pay is something that every organisation should provide to their employees, and is not something that should be dictated by principle but based on concrete comparison of positions to determine whether the work is of equal value. 

In Zalaris previous blog, they discussed in general about what equal pay is all about and how the HR of an organisation can ensure the same is given out to all employees without bias. 

In this blog, let us see how SAP SuccessFactors can support HR to ensure every employee in the organisation is included and every designation is counted during pay day. 

Employee Central in SuccessFactors is the main module used for salary review with the calculations carried out within the Compensation module. 

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