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Posted by Cathrine Kjær on 29/10/2019 10:32

Solving business problems is the main role of technology. And in an ideal world, technology would deliver business solutions – and do it fast. It’s simple: what enterprises of all sizes and shapes really need is the ability to build and extend applications for every department and every role quickly, easily, and economically. And that’s what you can do with SAP® Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform as a service that plays an indispensable role as the innovation core of an intelligent enterprise. It modernizes and connects with your core business technologies and processes to create digital experiences enriched with intelligent technologies such as machine learning. Join the Nordic SAP Cloud Platform webinar series to interact with SAP Experts, customers and partners. It will be a series of 4 webinars covering different topics with SAP Cloud Platform technology. 

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Subjects and dates:

  • Building Differentiated End User Experience, October 31, 15:00 CET

    • Digital user experience (UX) services delivered on SAP Cloud Platform bring together strong UX, mobile collaboration and portal expertise to optimize business processes. Design and build rich mobile, web, portal and collaboration apps to optimize and refresh user experience.
  • Intelligent Innovation - Embedding Innovation in Digital Core, November 6, 15:00 CET
    • In this webinar you will get an overview of extension options for SAP S/4HANA and recommendations for transformation of existing custom code. S/4HANA Extensibility offers “in-app” and “side-by-side extensions using SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)”. You will learn how to use these capabilities including insights “when to use what”, i.e., decision criteria for choice of in-app or side-by-side approaches. The webinar will also cover functionality and usage types of custom code transformation tools.
  • Integrate the Intelligent Enterprise, November 21, 15:00 CET
    • In this webinar you will learn how to integrate processes and data between cloud apps, 3rd party applications and on-premises solutions with this open, flexible, on-demand integration system running as a core service on SAP Cloud Platform – and easily exchange data in real-time. Learn how to access a deep catalog of integration flows and integrate both processes and data through unified technology engineered for the cloud.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Intelligent Services, December 4, 15:00 CET
    • This webinar will focus on how you can use SAP Cloud Platform tools and services such as AI, Machine Learning and RPA to make your applications ready to face any challenge in the digital world. With SAP Cloud Platform as the foundation, our customers and partners are seamlessly integrating emerging technologies on SAP Cloud Platform along with capabilities such as user experience, business services to rapidly develop and deploy next-generation apps.

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These are the speakers:

Anne Kathrine PetterøeAnne Kathrine Petterøe
Senior Enterprise Architect


Gerhard HenigGerhard Henig
Vice President, Head of Product Management Digital Workplace for SAP Cloud Platform



Abhijeet AbhijeetAbhijeet Abhijeet
Business Development Director, SAP Cloud Platform



Steffen SchadSteffen Schad
Senior Director, SAP Cloud Platform,



Organised by Ann Kristin Aannerud, SAP Norway. Published by Cathrine Kjær, SBN.

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