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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 24/08/2020 16:10


‘Step-by-Step Guide for Digital Access’

This Digital Access guide is created by SAP in cooperation with the License & Audit Charter in the SUGEN ( SAP User Group Exexutve Network) where SBN is a member.

There is a lot of information about digital access available, even to much... SUGEN created a workgroup called License & Audit Charter which together with SAP during the last years worked to simplify licensis. The work group now also created this, very accessible and easy document. 

This document is a fine example of what customers and SAP with combined efforts can create when there is a challenge. We hope the document you find in the link below will make it easier for you to deal with the area of digital access.

Download the Digital Access guide here 


PS: Please, do not forget to register to the SBN Conference! 
The conference will be even better than before. We can this year get people from the globe sharing experience virtually instead of bringing them to us and this will make the conference awesome and fantastic! If you are interested in Security and Authorisations this will be a topic of October 21.

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