Erfaringer fra SAP 'rollout' til et russisk salgskontor

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 24/04/2019 13:52

To do a Roll-out is a challenge. I have therefore started a community group to exchange information and experience on Roll-out of SAP Systems. This group is planned to share information on how to Roll-out SAP to new countries.

Russia, Kina, Brazil and other countries in South America are examples of countries where regislations can be complicated. Let's use this new group to share information on Regulations, Good and bad implementations and people to contact with experience etc.


Let's start with RUSSIA - Contact with a person who has experience on how to implement SAP in an Russian Sales Office would be much appreciated. 

The CIO of a member of SBN would very much like to exchange knowledge with a person who has experience of Roll-out of SAP to Russia. He would also love to find a collegue on an other company which has made such a roll-out of SAP Software to a sales office in Russia and get some information about the project in addition to the expert knowledge of the Roll-out as such. 

Do you have knowledge to share? Send me an e-mail on em(at) or call +47 922 52 539 or post in the community see link below:

Do you have questions about how to Roll-Out and regulations in other countries? Same as above. Send me an e-mail, give me a call or post in the new group:

Link to the new community group:
(Your company has to have a valid membership in the SBN Community for you to log-in and see the group on this link)

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