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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 06/01/2020 13:55

How to Write a Business Case.

A business case is a structured documentation wich describes the problem including the cost for having this problem, collects proposals, makes a recommendation including the cost for implementing the choosen solution. A very useful document which will benefit the organization also after the project has been implemented to identify the return of investment.

In short = How to write a structured documentation containing: Problem Description, Recommendation and Plan.  On the link below you find a very intuitive and helpful blog written in December 2019. From this blog I have copied a few steps:

1) Describe the Business Problem and the cost generated by the problem. This can be a simple statement, but is best articulated with some research into the economic climate and the competitive landscape to justify the timing of the project.

2) Identify the Alternative Solutions and for each:

  • High level describe the solution
  • Quantify its benefits.
  • Forecast the costs involved in each solution.
  • Discern the risks and issues associated with each solution.

3) Recommend a Preferred Solution

4) Create a first draft high level plan for how to implement the recommended solution . 

Read more in this blog by Jennifer Bridges, Project Mananger. 



Eva-Maria FahrerI found this blog on the internet and found it informative this is why I share. 
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