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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 26/11/2020 13:22

Reporting to you from the SUGEN meeting, my main impression is, the SAP organisation has Customer satisfaction including the long term customer satisfaction in their focus.

This also means focus on integrating the acquired solutions into what we historical regard as SAP as well as the move to S/4HANA and the integration which builds the new solutions, which in future will be possible to procure by process or by industry for a shorter or longer period.

Christian Klein, Executive Exchange, 
Christian received us from a chair in is his empty office in the head office. A corona safe customer meeting was to follow after the presentation.

He focused on the long term customer satisfaction rate which the owners of SAP had accepted is internally used to steer the company as the best for the long term development of the company SAP.

Customer satisfaction rate is carefully followed by Qualtrics survey results as well as renewal rates for cloud products and new sales and customer-maintenance agreements. Customer satisfaction should be in focus for every employee of SAP. People in all areas in SAP should benefit from positive numbers and happy customers and this is an initiative Christian will or has launched in SAP. In SBN we  see the positive reactions from our members as a result of the shift in focus.  Press-release  SAPs long term customer satisfaction strategy. 


Thomas Saueressig, Executive Exchange.
The 20 year commitment SAP offers with the S/4HANA shows the longterm visions SAP has. He talked about new offerings which will utilise the working capital in the company, offerings interesting also for multi enterprise businesses. The intelligent enterprise is an integrated enterprise and therefor the Integration Strategy was covered in a separate and focused presentation, see below.  SUGEN S/4HANA communication document

Integration Strategy, Michael Ameling.
Intelligent Enterprises are Integrated Enterprises
See pdf of presentation 
Document summarising the integration strategy by SUGEN


, Jan Gilg
SAP S/4HANA Strategy - The core of the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP S/4HANA Strategy - The core of the Intelligent Enterprise. Jan presented also at the SBN Conference but now in this forum it was obvious he presented to a group which he knew understood and it was therefore presented in more detail and more "between colleagues". New offerings on the SAP Cloud Platfrom will become available in 2021.  
Find the SAP Cloud Platform Trial Offer's here


SAP CX, Adrian Nash
The mission within SAP CX is to support SAP customers in meeting that expectation of freedom and ability to continue the relevant engagements across channels by investing in solutions that provide dynamic and in-the- moment experiences that are constantly evolving. The SAP CX solution portfolio is designed to help companies understand customers, engage with customers and deliver on a brand promise. See SUGEN summary document here


Licenses & Processes, Robin Manherz.
Robin located in USA, spent the national holiday, Thanksgiving, talking to the SUGEN team about the focus on long term customer excellence which she and her part of SAP has. Financial models like pay as you go come are in the future and do exist in some areas. Additional new models have been tested and will in 2021 be released in more countries and for more solutions. 

Industry clouds was mentioned as new offerings where all underlying products and services are included in the pricing model. 

Explained in this session was also that due to the flexibility the subscription based model will always be cheaper for all solution offerings than the pay-as-you-go model which is understandable.


Globalization Services, Elvira Wallis. Elvira is new in the position and she presented from Paulo Alto. She has been in SAP for many years. She shared the complexity of localisations in a global world.

Governments have become more digitalised. This enables automation which sometimes also is or will become a legal requirement and demands fast implementations. The Corona pandemic had been the catalyst for lot of changes and requirements from governments which has increased the workload heavily for the people in localisation.

The locals in Globalization Services organisation are in a role called Localisation Product Manangers and that they are according to Elvira heros translating govermental demands in this complex world.



Eva-Maria Fahrer

Summary by Eva-Maria Fahrer.
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PS: You can still watch Jan Gilgs presentation, made at the SBN Conference.
See link below


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