Vi gleder oss til å treffe dere igjen

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 11/08/2021 15:20

The 3 of September we run “How SAP Solutions for Global Tax Management can help to comply as Governments move to digital”.

This webinar sets the trend for the autumn. To digitise and automate to become more climate friendly and sustainable is in fous and all is run virtual.

All our events are virtual this autumn except one. Other topics are Experience with GDPR/ Deletion of HR data, Hands-On Robotic Process Automation, Automate and Digitise in Product Lifecycle Management and the cloud version of Solution Manager (ALM). These topics are followed by focus on Climate - a webinar on a new reporting requirement called "EU Taxonomy” which forces sustainable investments.

The SBN Conference will be virtual. In addition we offer a Business Networking as a follow up. Virtual and Face2Face. F2F only if allowed by the government and the MUNCH museum where we will meet.

Now my focus is on the planning. We meet lot’s of people virtual to fill the autumn program with selected content. They are mostly SAP Customers and members, SBN Partners, Conference Sponsors and all kind of Friends. We had 3 meetings this morning which generated some very good stuff which you will see the result of later. 

As part of planning I’m working on 3 selected areas where I believe nordic people and especially Norwegians can help SAP to create even better solutions. This is in the area of Climate/Sustainability. Focus is on Reporting and Logistic Operations. The third will be in digitised and virtual workforce, the solution to support this is SuccessFactors. 

Private, I do my best to make as little environment damage as I can. This means I don’t buy new stuff if, it can be avoided. I eat food which is local and ecological. I travel as little as I can if not by foot. I also do the other stuff, this means I don’t boil more water than needed in the water boiler. I do not let the water tap run unnecessarily. I never use or buy more than I need. I don’t throw away food or things I can use. I enjoyed a fantastic summer vacation meeting family and friends in a neighbouring geographical area.

But, I refuse to be a scapegoat for the climate change. I do what I can for the climate but I can influence very little. Only those who build societal rules and those who lead many people have enough power to change in a way that creates results. It has long been known that humans affect the globe, but making the tough decisions that create real change is very, very difficult. Those decisions are expensive and not popular.

But, In my work I can influence by pushing and focusing on digitisation, automation and sustainability and run our events virtual. That's our contribution in SBN ... and I do believe that many influent people together can make a difference. 

Eva-Maria Fahrer

Share your thoughts and ideas ... call or send an e-mail. Contact info is found here

I look forward to see you virtually!  ☀️




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