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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 26/10/2020 14:30

Slide shown in the break. In top of picture, you see prep for next presentation

We have now come halfway and so far all has worked according to plan and all presenters have done fantastic presentations. 

We get good evaluations which is very nice as we have worked so hard to make the virtual conference happen. We have so far not had any problem with technology and all who wanted to attend have been able to log in. All sound quality has been good or at least very OK.

It is fantastic to be able to listen to all presentations! Usually I cant not. Too much is happening at the same time.  Presentations run in parallell and all people I like and love to talk to are there at the same time as well. It's just overwhelming under a very short time period and then over. Afterwards it leaves me with a wish I had been able to talk to more people and listen to more presentations which I will not have this year. I realise I share this feeling.  

See this comment given on the Finance day by an IT manager in our community who attended the conference

Veldig mye bra presentasjoner. Godt presentert og profesjonelt gjennomført. Årets virtuelle format er godt. Liker det at jeg har mulighet til å tilgang til mange presentasjoner på tvers av LOB, siden alt går serielt og ikke i parallelle sesjoner.

In English: Many good presentations. Well presented and professionally executed. This year's virtual format is good. I like that I have the opportunity to access many presentations across LOB, since everything goes in series and not in parallel sessions .


To ensure the virtual format Joakim Löves runs our event steering room.

Picure, Joakim Löves, operating the SBN Conference event.

This years conference will get more than 390 attendees. 

We are now on 388 and a few are still missing. I will get back with numbers of people registered for tracks, how many actually attended each track at the same time and in total. We will also share how many we where in the end of each day. These numbers are result of what we share with our exhibitors. Just as at the F2F SBN Conference they get the names of the people who listened to their presentation. 

Picture: Word cloud from evaluations Finance day Oct.22

I will also share evaluations and key comments ... so please look out for this the week after the SBN Conference ... and it could be you need to give me one week more but I will make a small summary of all key numbers. 

It is still possible to register. We have 3 full days left, link below 
PS: Recordings from Oct 20, 21 and 22 are available for SBN Conference attendees only.
If you are not an attendee you can wait for 30 days. After 30 days not all, but many of the presentations become public available.


PS:PS Do not forget the Competitions like the Quiz, see link

Eva-Maria Fahrer

All the best
Eva-Maria Fahrer - em(at)sbn.no, 922 52 539





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