Mye moro på årets sbn-konferanse

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 06/10/2019 18:57

Vidar Hodnekvam - En bunnsolid standup’er 

Komiker og programleder som vil fleipe litt om ulike ting, hvor noe kan ha skjedd i løpet av årets konferanse  (Bilde Vidar)

Vidar Hodnekvam




Lot's of supplies(rekvisita) available for a fun evening, take home awesome pictures of your table mates


TIMI cars for kids

Maybe you will order one for your kids or grandkids?



SAP brings Students becoming world class engineers - Revolve NTNU

See the Car they built , it is a Winning Race Car - talk to them about the car...
Revolve NTNU SAP



Favorite in repeat

Make your HEAD-SHOT

Improve your CV by a nice portrait for free.
This year also Make-Up.
Value of a portrait-picture where you prepared with some make-up is 4.000NOK


Eva-Maria FahrerAbove, I have collected the unexpected and fun SBN Conference things ... in addition we will get food ... of course the normal standard of X Meeting point, almost gourmet food. All served at the table this year

Do you have wishes, ideas or just would like to talk about something?
Call me or send me an e-mail:
+47 922 52 539 and +46 (0)70 569 78 08 or em(@)
Eva-Maria Fahrer, CEO, SBN-Adfahrer


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