NYTT: Lær alt om SAP-støtte, en ny opplæring

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 15/01/2024 16:02

Tip from us - New Learning Journey for everyone

Getting Started with Support from SAP (Support Accreditation).

This is a cource targeted at end users, key users, partners, and SAP consultants on how best to leverage SAP’s support channels and tools.

After completing this learning journey, you will have complete knowledge of the full suite of SAP support services and tools available to you. You will learn how to effectively utilize these resources for efficient interactions with SAP support.

Customers and partners will also be able to obtain a Support Accreditation badge by passing the Knowledge Badge Assessment (CLS01k_EN_Col06) in SAP Learning Hub (a valid subscription to SAP Learning Hub is required). 

Link to this course 


😊 This new course was presented in an international UG meeting the 15 January. See print screen from meeting with more than 24 participants

The tip was posted by EM Fahrer

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