1000 kritiske cybersikkerhetssårbarheter oppdaget i forretningsapplikasjoner

Posted by Joakim Löves on 16/11/2022 15:35


Onapsis Research Labs Surpasses 1,000 Critical Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Discovered within SAP and Oracle Business applications.

Over 1,000 critical vulnerabilities within SAP and Oracle applications. The team responsible for finding, disclosing, and helping mitigate these vulnerabilities is Onapsis Research Labs. This group of offensive security professionals is dedicated to hunting down vulnerabilities and monitoring how threat actors attack within enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, customer relationship management, and other business applications. Onapsis Threat Intelligence Cloud combined with this team’s unique expertise allows Onapsis Research Labs to determine tactics, techniques, and procedures used by threat actor groups and ultimately arm customers with this information in the Onapsis Platform.

With the increase in cyberattacks directly on ERP and other business applications, global enterprises continue to turn to Onapsis for their vulnerability management, threat detection, and response, change assurance, and continuous compliance needs. Onapsis Research Labs is a core reason close to 30% of the Forbes Global 100 rely on Onapsis’ market-leading security solutions to protect their business-critical applications.

“This milestone cannot be overstated for both Onapsis and the ERP security market as a whole,” says Mariano Nunez, Co-founder and CEO of Onapsis. “For the last thirteen years, Onapsis Research Labs has contributed so much to the security community, our partners, and our customers. Discovering and helping mitigate 1,000 vulnerabilities quantifiably underscores the team’s dedication to keeping ERP applications secure, something that wouldn’t be possible without our strategic partnerships with SAP and Oracle.”

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