SBN-konferansen 2022 – Når, hvordan og hvor?

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 08/12/2021 21:04

We are looking for conference locations  for the SBN Conference 2022. Here we share a few glimpse of this weeks evaluation work. It was freezing cold but well worth it as we may have found our 2022 location. We still have the location from 2019 reserved but times change and the X Meeting Point may not be as suitable as it was in 2019.

Cold and snow - is this the view we will enjoy at the SBN Conference 2022?
In picture Joakim Löves and Didrik Arstad.


We have looked at many locations. This location has entertainment included. Will this be a theme in 2022? In picture Bernt Bakken and Joakim Löves.


This location has a room for 200 with equipment for presentation streaming. Here we may have found our 2022 location. In picture the conference hostess and Joakim Löves and Didrik Arstad.


This facility has a nice dinner location. They are able to provide a 3 course dinner as well as a buffé dinner. In picture Bernt Bakken. 

We have a reservation for the X Meeting point in addition to the new locations we are looking at for the Conference 2022. X Meeting point facilities may have become to large for the conference 2022. Important for the decision is also the fact the faciliites at X Meeting point are not available our prefferd dates.

Preliminary we are looking at the dates Wednesday the 19th October and Thursday and 20th October 2022.


Eva-Maria Fahrer

Picture and text by EM Fahrer. Comments and Ideas? Contact information see this link 

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