The best SBN Conference ever! 

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 19/10/2023 21:41

The SBN Conference is a huge teamwork project.

More than 350 people contributed to the success and if you count all the people not participating but supporting the conference one way or the other probably above 400 people.

Fantastic food, elegantly and deliciously served, fantastic presentations delivered, knowledgeable and interesting questions  asked, the sponsors/exhibitors eagerly presenting  their products and services and all of this in an ambience of openness and friendliness which was awesome. Other examples of tasks behind the scenes were excellent track moderation, selection of topics, quality assurance of presentations and handling of name tags to name a few.

It makes us proud and breaks our hearts when we picked up on some of the comments in the exhibition area on Wednesday "The best SBN Conference ever!”. That is the best recognition and acknowledgement we can get for our joint effort. Don't you agree?

From all of us to all of you - Our sincere Thank you!!

A few first pictures are published this week. Presentations slides and recordings will be published during next week. A red dot indicates if there is a file ready for download.


Just above 25 have replied to the survey by now
This is the link if you like to give your input or have additional comments.

The Question “Which presentation was most valuable for you? And why?”
So far we got the following replies:

  • Signavio, BTP, all customer cases.
  • EPI-USE - 
  • Information steward by Orkla
  • Master data
  • TM fra Hydro , BTP app fra Coop, Signavio fra Norgesgruppen.
  • I enjoyed Equinor presentation, Norgesgruppen presentation. Good with sharing from SAP customers. Also enjoyed data session with Orkla and BTP with Pearl.
  • Freyr was great!
  • PLM presentasjon
  • S/4HANA experiences
  • All AI related presentations
  • BTP by Pearl. Good content and explanation.
  • Norgesgruppen Rise
  • RISE with SAP fra Norges gruppen og Equinor.
  • Siste fra SAP på norsk lønn og myndighetsrapportering
  • All where business representatives presented from real and valuable experiences and challenges.
  • Takeda S/4 HANA bluefield POC og Orkla og Cognizant Visionary Future with SAP. Praksisnært og direkte overførbare erfaringer fra andre til egne prosjekter og arbeidshverdag.
  • Pearls BTP. Practical and focused
  • -Forskjellige presentasjoner av S/4HANA oppgraderinger. -De fleste av presentasjonene i Human Experience Management.
  • Strawberry was great!

The answers are symptomatic of the conference 
In principle everything was the best 💐

What themes would you like to hear more about? 

  • S/4HANA OnPrem vs Private Cloud. 
  • More technical stuff
  • PLM topics
  • Master data Governance - Information steward
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • S/4HANA oppgraderinger og kundeerfaringer.
  • Change management
  • More PLM and MDG topic
  • Process mining, SAP Fiori
  • Roadmap from ECC to S4/HANA
  • Asset Performace Management
  • Rise og BTP
  • Vil gerne høre om EWM
  • Signavio, AI, Apps and BTP
  • SAP on prem
  • S/4HANA SuccessFactors
  • Real business practical experiences
  • SAP analytics og SAP S/4 HANA private Cloud.
  • Mer om de faktiske og reelle forskjellene på On Prem, Private og Public Cloud. Spesielt når det gjelder Begrensninger nå og i roadmap fremover.

A large spread of the answers, as you see - Vote for your topic by repeating the topic or propose something new, not on the list. Use the link

From all of us to all of you - Our sincere Thank you!!

Eva-Maria, team and the SBN community


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