Finn ut hvordan du raskt kan skape data i SAP og forbedre kvaliteten på dine data.

Posted by Joakim Löves on 15/02/2022 15:45

Winshuttle – now part of Precisely

Two webinars from Winshuttle (now part of Precisely) which help you to Speed up data creation and Improve data quality in SAP. 

Your SAP Automation Roadmap - Febrary 24th.

Managing time-consuming manual SAP processes is a burden on both IT and business teams, negatively affecting SAP data quality, and creating costly downstream errors.

Join this webinar to learn 10 ways you can use a tool that you're already familiar with – Microsoft Excel – to:

  • Speed up data creation
  • Accelerate data updates
  • Improve data quality
  • Be more compliant
  • Streamline your transition to S/4HANA

More info and regitration on this link 

10 Ways Excel Can Speed up Your SAP Processes - March 10th

Ever wonder why sometimes even the best technology fails? Maybe the technology was oversold. Or organisations try to tackle too much too fast, or lack the organisational maturity to transform critical processes. Mostly it’s a combination of these factors.

Join our webinar “SAP Automation Roadmap: How to align people, processes, & technology for successful outcomes” to discover how you can successfully transform even the most complex SAP processes for any stage of the automation journey - all distilled into one useful roadmap.

More info and regitration on this link


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