SBN Webinar: 360° on Business-Critical System Security

Start: 22/04 10:30 | End: 22/04 11:30

360° on Business-Critical System Security

April 22nd, 10:30-11:30

SAP applications are the lifeblood of your organization, supporting the financial, HR, supply chain, sales, ERP, and customer processes your business needs to operate. An attack against any of them has the potential for devastating impact -- downtime, lost revenue, fines and legal consequences, eroded customer trust, and damaged brand reputation.

Many organizations are under the impression that their existing defense-in-depth security strategy is protecting their business-critical SAP applications against such an attack. This isn’t the case.
The majority of enterprises currently running SAP systems have critical security gaps that put the business at risk.

To remedy this cybersecurity blind spot, organizations need to quickly assess and correct their posture. But this can be challenging given the volume of data that needs to be reviewed and shared application ownership models (internally and across third parties). Enterprises should look for a security solution that can provide visibility, threat intelligence, and automated mitigation for misconfigurations, overprivileged roles, unauthorized changes, unapplied patches, and targeted cyberattacks.

We’re sharing insights and recommendations to help inform your 2022 security strategy for SAP business-critical applications. During the session, we will discuss:

  • Threat intelligence about active, ongoing, and pervasive global attacks targeting SAP applications
  • Challenges our customers are facing with SAP security as they migrate to the cloud and S/4HANA
  • The CISO’s challenges in SAP system management and security
  • How to manage interconnected risk as your enterprise ecosystem continues to expand (distributed workforce, third parties, cloud systems, etc.)
  • How digital transformation and accelerated new business models can increase enterprise risk 


Jonathan CooperJonathan Cooper
Jonathan is a pre-sales advisor at Onapsis who offer mission critical application security, compliance, and resiliency. His background started initially in Finance and spans over 20 years with SAP across supply chain management, Business Intelligence, S/4HANA and data protection/security.



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