SBN Webinar: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation - ERPsim for S/4HANA

Start: 1/12 09:00

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation - ERPsim for S/4HANA

September 11, 9:00-10:00 (Moved into 2021)

Join this live business simulations running on a real SAP S/4HANA system. Join the game ERPsim together with us in SBN  to accelerate Your Digital Transformation. Experience end-to-end process integration and the value of real-time analytics.The game is a simulated business competition. Minimum 3 teams with 4 people in each team (12 people playing) is needed to make the “game” happen. Maximum 10 teams can play (40 people). Take the opportunity to learn by doing, have fun at the same time. The game is simulating the Distribution Business Processes. The teams compete to get the best financial result.

Scenarios you benefit from:

  • Experience hands-on S/4HANA
  • Implementation Kick off 
  • How enterprise systems support business strategies and decision-making
  • Test-drive S/4HANA and compare vs. ECC6
  • Play the game together to align IT and business 
  • Discover how new business models are enabled by S/4HANA
  • Eye opener, for how to run training and change management programs

The game will be moderated by:

Kjetil KverneKjetil Kverne, SAP (LinkedIn)
Pragmatic and down to earth IT professional and leader.  10+ years at SAP and enjoying every single day ! Believing in teamwork and sharing ….. and 100% certain together we can make the world run better.


See embedded Youtube recording:
This is Gamification av ERP by Computerworld Norge,
see story by Jan Birkeland on this link. 
From SAP Norway, Kjetil Kverne and Aina Olsen joined by
SAP Customer and Consultant teams playing the game. 

Contact Martin if you have questions or comments.

Martin BrownswordMartin Brownsword
Head of Innovation Team IT, HANA, Projects
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 917 11 593

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