SBN Webinar: Den nye loyalty løsningen - SAP Annex Cloud

Start: 12/06 10:30

Den nye loyalty løsningen - SAP Annex Cloud

June 12 10:30 -11:30

KPS og SAP introduserer den nye SAP customer loyalty løsningen, SAP Annex Cloud. Annex Cloud er en integrert Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, og User Generated Content løsning. 


  • Kort intro om KPS innen CX området – Tom W. Gulbrandsen (KPS) 5 min.
  • Kort intro fra SAP innen CX området, og hvordan en ny loyalty løsning passer inn i CX portefølje – Ragnar Røkke (SAP) 10 min.
  • Presentasjon av SAP Annex Cloud (loyalty løsningen) – Franco Paulucci (SAP Annex Cloud) 40 min (incl. Q/A)
  • A short introduction to next webinar topic: SAP Qualtrix & SAP eCommerce 5 min. (Scheduled for September)

Presented by:

Tom W. GulbrandsenTom W. Gulbrandsen (LinkedIn)
Principal, KPS Consulting
Long experience from several roles as CEO/Managing Director, sales manager and management consultant. 20 years of experience working with SAP and within SAP. Passionate to help organizations to innovate and accelerate their business by addressing digitization to get the best outcome.

Ragnar O. RøkkeRagnar O. Røkke (LinkedIn)
Customer Experience Lead (CX), SAP Norway
Leader with more than 15 years experience of senior management positions. Especially focused on the international technology sector within analytics (AI/IoT/ML) & CX/aCRM from companies like SAS Institute, IBM and Dow Jones Telerate.

Franco PaolucciFranco Paolucci (LinkedIn)
Head Of EMEA, Annex Cloud
Specialist in SaaS/Cloud business - strong focus on Retail, Hospitality and B2B. Head Of EMEA in Annex Cloud who deliver fully integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions.  The solutions work individually or as a platform and build genuine loyalty, foster customer advocacy and generate impactful user generated content.

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Martin BrownswordMartin Brownsword
Head of Innovation Team IT, HANA, Projects
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 917 11 593

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