SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS / SAP IAM – Asset Performance Management (APM)

Start: 8/11 09:00

SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS / SAP IAM – Asset Performance Management (APM)

As one of the key products in SAP's Intelligent Asset Management portfolio, and one of two IoT-driven solutions, i.e. solutions that receive and process operational data from systems and physical processes, PEI offers a unique insight into the actual response and behavior of the system and equipment in operation.

With continuous real-time monitoring of operation and analysis of performance and response, undesirable events and deviations from the expected state are immediately captured, documented and analyzed so that the necessary measures can be implemented before serious errors occur and unnecessary costs are incurred. PEI will also support the work of identifying root causes, planning and prioritizing maintenance, and finding critical operating parameters for the system.

The webinar will cover the system's design, sensor and instrumentation needs, available functionality, interface / integration with other SAP solutions and roadmap for further development, as well as examples of applications and use cases.

Last part of the webinar will cover APM.  SAP's IAM portfolio is the only solution for APM that can deliver a cloud-based solution that is fully integrated with a full-fledged ERP solution. In practice, this means that SAP can offer a comprehensive solution that covers the entire value chain of a system or process, from design to phase-out, without the need for integration with external solutions or duplication of master data between solutions.

Audun will cover the span of the Asset Central Foundation (the new master data model for Cloud solutions that integrates with ECC and S / 4), via mobile solutions, collaboration and data exchange solutions between participants, and IoT-powered monitoring solutions and prediction of conditions. He will also quickly review the status of the products, roadmaps for development, and a selection of use cases for solutions in the IAM portfolio.


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Speaker: Audun Grimstad
SAP PEI / SAP Norway Engineering Center of Excellence

Tags: sap, sap knowledge, supply chain

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