SBN Finance Function Day

Start: 27/05 09:00

SBN Finance Function Day /
SBN Økonomifunksjonens Dag 

At SBN Finance function day the program is highly interesting for people interested in Finance functions supported by SAP systems and third party solutions.

På SBN sin Økonomifunksjonens Dag er årets program av almen interesse.

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NB! Due to the Covid-19 situation, this meeting will take place via Remote Access. Logon info will be sent after registration.

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Velkommen og introduksjon av Dagen og Programmet
Didrik Arstad - Head of Innoteam Finance & Analytics in SBN

Didrik Arstad

Head of Finance, Analytics and Head of HR at SBN-Adfahrer



How SAP Supports the CFO and Controller Community Today and Tomorrow
Lars Fleminggård - SAP Nordics

  • Steering Effectiveness and Business Insights
    • Group Business Control (Strategic and Tactical)
      • Financial steering with full transparency
      • Plan-to-Optimize
      • Machine learning and Predictive Algorithms
      • Scenario Simulation
    • Group Accounting (Strategic and Tactical)
      • Corporate Result
      • External reporting (Group Reporting) (Will be covered in separate session)
    • Continuous Compliance (Assurance)


Lars Fleminggård

Senior Solution Advisor at SAP Svenska AB



Orkla - Project One fra et Økonomiperspektiv
Nils Erik Krosvik - Team Lead Finance, Project One Orkla ASA
Jørgen Lindeberg, Solution Architect Finance/Controlling, Orkla IT

  • • Bakgrunn og visjon for prosjektet
  • • Prosjektorganisering og prosjektplan
  • • Økonomimodell (og organisering av økonomi i Orkla) 
  • • Design og konfigurering av Template/standardløsninger i SAP
  • • Hvordan er det tenkt at man skal jobbe i den nye løsningen i økonomifunksjonen og i organisasjonen forøvrig
  • • Erfaringer og lessons learned


Nils Erik Krosvik

Team Lead Finance at Orkla ASA (Project One) at Orkla

Jørgen Lindeberg

at Orkla




SAP Group Reporting 
Speed and transparency in finance with S4/HANA Finance Group Reporting

Christian Andersen - Principal Solutions Architect 
KMD Business

Improved financial consolidation and transparency are more easily achieved with the right tools at hand. 
As the first company in Northern Europe, KMD has gone live with S4/HANA Finance Group Reporting and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to improve data analysis and accelerate decision making in Finance.  

In just six month KMD implemented new solutions end-to-end and improved their financial consolidation with greater transparency, auditability and reduced monthly closing time from eight to four days.

Christian Andersen

at KMD A/S






Universal allocation - top down distribution
Universal Allocation – The Next Generation of Cost Allocations

Sebastian Doll - Product Management - SAP SE

A well-organized accounting system can provide valuable insights into cost trends, product pricing, and business performance. While most companies have clear rules to allocate direct cost based on direct connections to products, allocating overhead or indirect costs is more difficult. Organizations often struggle to understand allocation processes that have grown increasingly complex over the years and have long cycle runtimes. Frequently, experts have to be involved to answer seemingly simple allocation questions like “Why I am accountable for these costs?” or “How are the costs allocated to my area?” 
With the brand-new innovation “Universal Allocation”, SAP is conquering the complexity and simplifying cost allocations by combining various capabilities in a unified approach. Companies will benefit from a common, harmonized architecture for FI and CO allocations, as well visualization capabilities that provide a new level of flexibility and transparency. 

Please not that Universal Allocation is an ongoing innovation in which SAP invests over the years. So not all features are covered yet. But I can give time an overview of the status quo, an outlook and some implementation guidance for their projects.


Sebastian Doll



Pearl og XAC - SAP S/4 Hana - beste praksis out-of-the-box i Finance
Britt Randi Fjelltun, Senior SAP Consultant at Pearl Consulting
Gabriella Lindsköld, Sap Finance Control Consultant at Pearl Group

Pearl i samarbeid med Cross Application Consulting har gjort Greenfield migreringer til SAP S/4Hana for et par av sine kunder. Utgangspunkt har bl.a. vært "fit to standard" og out-of-the box beste praksis. Vi får høre om design og oppsett  i SAP og erfaringer fra disse prosjektene, bla. At det er mulig å kjøre SAP bare med bruk av Fiori.


Britt Randi Fjelltun

Senior SAP Consultant at Pearl Group AS at Pearl

Gabriella Lindsköld

SAP Consultant Finance at Elkjøp Nordic




Accruals Management
Lina Hu, Product Owner at SAP
Ulrich Hauke, Product Management - SAP SE

As soon as there are liabilities to a third party, for example to a supplier, but the related costs have not yet been posted, accruals need to be posted. By posting accruals in the system, the relevant costs are allocated to the fiscal period in which they occurred. With the new application component ‘Purchase Order Accruals’, it is possible to automatically calculate and post purchase order accruals. This new application component is based on the new S/4HANA Accrual Engine which offers flexible configuration options for calculation and posting of the accruals. An optional review process for the monthly accrual amounts can be activated in the Configuration. Various screens are available for monitoring, review and approval of accruals. 

Value Proposition: 

  • Faster Closing through improved closing efficiency
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Transparency and Insight


  • Automated transfer of initially existing and new purchase orders into accrual engine
  • Monitoring, review, adjustment and approval of monthly accrual amounts
  • Automated posting of accrual amounts

Video Demo

Ulrich Hauke


Lina Hu



SAP S/4 Hana Joint Venture Accounting (JVA) On-Premise Edition 2020
Jürgen Newrzella - Product Management Oil&Gas, Mill&Mining, SAP SE 

  1. Innovations for Upstream Accounting
  2. JVA on ACDOCA Solution


Jürgen Newrzella

Product Manager O&G Upstream Accounting Industry Product Engineering | Product Management Energy and Natural Resources Industries & CX | SAP Product Engineering at SAP SE


Oppsummering og avsluttende kommentarer
Didrik Arstad - Head of Innoteam Finance & Analytics in SBN

Didrik Arstad

Head of Finance, Analytics and Head of HR at SBN-Adfahrer


Number of participants: 62

  • Juergen Newrzella   Remote
    SAP SE
  • Ulrich Hauke   Remote
    SAP SE
  • Didrik Arstad   Remote
  • Dag Fischer Nielsen   Remote
    Coop Norge SA
  • Artur Latifov   Remote
  • Trond Bådstangen   Remote
    Capgemini Norge AS
  • Lisbeth Stenersen   Remote
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    Orkla IT AS
  • Marte Asphaug Solbjørg   Remote
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  • Sveinar Urstad   Remote
  • Carrin Kildal   Remote
  • Jan Steinar Oseassen   Remote
  • Trond Bådstangen   Remote
    Capgemini Norge AS
  • Arild Neeraas Olsen   Remote
  • Svein Roar Johnsen   Remote
  • Thor Øyvind Nilsen (SBN Kasserer)   Remote
  • Stig Halvorsen   Remote
    Pipelife Norge AS
  • Berit Jåsund   Remote
  • Terje Skjesol   Remote
    Norske Skog ASA
  • Karoline Sørbye   Remote
    SAP Norge AS
  • Jose Eximeno   Remote
    Takeda AS
  • Tone Rønningen   Remote
    Hydro Aluminium AS
  • Kolbjørn Havnes (Leder SBN)  
    Norsk Hydro AS
  • Oddvar Gjesdahl   Remote
    Hydro Aluminium AS
  • Wenche Bergman   Remote
    Statkraft AS
  • Ilya Amosov   Remote
    Independent Consultant
  • Britt Randi Fjelltun   Remote
    Pearl Norge AS
  • Marianne Nordtug   Remote
    Orkla IT AS
  • Per Helgesplass   Remote
  • Anniken Røssing   Remote
    Aker Solutions AS
  • Laila Trætli   Remote
    Helse Midt-Norge
  • Astrid Thommesen Sæbo   Remote
    SAP Norge AS
  • Bård Strande   Remote
  • Karl Olav Gravdal   Remote
    Kværner ASA
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    Aker Solutions
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    Matiq AS
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    Alumeco A/S
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  • Bernt Bakken   Remote
  • Trond Lindløkken   Remote
    Elkjøp Nordic
  • Joakim Löves   Remote
  • Mark Allen Carter   Remote
    Capgemini Norge AS
  • Christian Andersen   Remote
    KMD AS
  • Sebastian Doll   Remote
    SAP SE
  • Nils Erik Kroskvik   Remote
    Orkla ASA
  • Lars Fleminggård   Remote
    SAP Svenska AB
  • Jørgen Lindeberg   Remote
    Orkla IT
  • Jørgen Ervik