SBN Webinar: SAP Business Assurance

Start: 30/04 10:00

Leverage intelligent test automation and
test process improvement for end to end control of key business processes

30th April 2020, 10:00 - 11:15

Improving and maintaining your SAP platform, the digital heart of your enterprise, is key to ensure business continuity and control, even more so today in these challenging times. New business-critical requirement and changes are expected to be delivered fast. Moving forward quickly and at the same time maintaining high quality is one of the top challenges today. Let us show you how to tackle it.

Are you working with SAP, at the same time experiencing lack of time and/or resources to focus on quality? Join our webinar and get valuable, inspirational and hands-on tips and tricks from Sogeti's top Digital Assurance and Testing experts who live and breathe Business Assurance and specialize in taking care of efficient end-to-end validation of SAP implementations, conversions, upgrades, platform modernizations and business transformation programs, at increased speed.

In addition, clients OUTOTEC and NESTE, will be sharing their journey and transformation experience on effective SAP Business Assurance with a comprehensive test automation approach leading to zero touch, lights out testing, DevOps approach for SAP landscape and leverage RPA for smart test automation.

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Martin BrownswordMartin Brownsword
Head of Innovation Team IT, HANA, Projects
SBN - SAP User Group Norway
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On the agenda

Introduction (5 min)
Morten Løvstad, CEO, Sogeti Norway

SAP Business Assurance à la Sogeti (5 min)
Stefan Gerstner, Digital Assurance & Testing Expert, Sogeti Global

Outotec Business Assurance (20 min)
Riikka Kämäräinen, Senior Manager Global IT Support, Outotec
Shashank Kallole, Service Delivery Manager, Sogeti Finland

Neste Business Assurance (20 min)
Wout Boer, QA & Risk Management Specialist, Neste
Rohit Chandra, Service Delivery Manager, Sogeti Finland

Key take aways (10 min)
Juha Vaitilo, CSO & Testing Practice Leader, Sogeti Finland
Shashank Kallole, Service Delivery Manager, Sogeti Finland

Round table (15 min)

A warm welcome!

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