SBN - Experience with GDPR/ Deletion of HR data day

14/09 | Start: 08:30

SBN - Experience with GDPR/Deletion of HR data day

September 14, 08:30-13:35

Knowledge exchange focusing on 'Experience with GDPR' 3 years after the law was implemented and experiences/customer cases on Deletion of HR data. HR Data is very integrated and can even be important for calculation after people have left the company. This makes HR data especially difficult to handle. There are many tools and GDPR has and forces the deletion of data, but this has to be made with exceptional care. 

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Bernt BakkenBernt Bakken
Head of HR in SBN
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 480 34 248
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Bernt Bakken

Key Account Manager at SBN-Adfahrer



Rett og slett – hva krever egentlig GDPR? 

  • Personvernforordningen (GDPR) har snart virket i tre år. Forordningen inneholder mange krav, inkludert regler om sletting av personopplysninger og innebygd personvern. Hva må man slette når en ansatt slutter, og hva kan man egentlig beholde av opplysninger – og på hvilke betingelser? Og ikke minst, hva er det Datatilsynet egentlig ser etter på tilsyn? I dette foredraget vil Datatilsynet fortelle litt om sine erfaringer etter snart tre år med GDPR. Foredraget vil ha særlig fokus på reglene for sletting av personopplysninger i arbeidslivet, med eksempler fra tilsynssaker. Foredraget vil også handle om innebygd personvern, og hva man må passe på når man lager og bruker systemer som behandler personopplysninger.
  • Q&A 

Ole Martin Moe

Juridisk rådgiver at Datatilsynet



‘Oversikt over verktøy som finnes + Hvordan håndteres GDPR i SuccessFactors’

  • Oversikt over hvilke muligheter og verktøy som finnes i SAP ERP og SuccessFactors for å ivareta personvernloven
  • Informasjon om hvordan SuccessFactors ivaretar GDPR
  • Q&A 

Marita Johansen

SAP konsulent (HR) at Sariba Consulting AS





Customer cases regarding GDPR and rules for deletion of HR data (In English)

  • More info will come
  • Q&A 

Speaker TBD

at Zalaris AS


Robotic Process Automation for GDPR and other standards

In this webinar we are going to talk about how intelligent automation can change the way work is done. In specific, we will cover the following:

  • What tools are used?
  • Differences between on premise and cloud based solutions when implementing RPA
  • Examples for automation to comply with GDPR and other standards
  • Experience with combining SuccessFactors and automation
  • Benefits when using RPA/IPA
  • Q&A

Sebastian Toro

Head of Intelligent Automation Nordics at Cognizant at Cognizant





SAP ILM for GDPR – A Critical Part of your Data Archiving Strategy

ILM supports the end-to-end information lifecycle and helps meet your data privacy obligations by automating data retention management. Auditing and reporting functions provide centralised management with rules-based retention policies to help minimise business risk.
Understand how SAP ILM gives you complete control over your data:

  • Ensure legal compliance by automatically managing SAP data retention
  • Reduce risk by delivering full auditing and reporting functionality
  • Enforce retention policies based on rules and destruction of personal data
  • Streamline IT infrastructure and lower costs 
  • Maintain archives according to retention policies
  • Search for information in response to legal requests
  • Q&A

Learn how Carlsberg have addressed GDPR and have implemented a robust ILM strategy to ensure compliance to the latest EU regulations.
Hear how British Telecom have automated the process of deleting sensitive data along with archiving / ILM objects.
The takeaways from this session: 

  • SAP ILM – an essential part of your GDPR and archiving strategies
  • Residence & Retention – best advice for multi-national companies
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – how ILM can lower the TCO of your SAP environment
  • Compliance – the pitfalls to avoid and how ILM can help

Steve Peirce

Head of Sales UK, Ireland, & Nordic countries at TJC Group



Have you ever wondered how to manage your Organization’s Personal Data and take necessary actions towards it’s protection? (In English)

Join this session to learn how you can Realize privacy compliance for your applications through services on the SAP Business Technology Platform. The session will cover the following topics: 

  • How to manage Information Reporting 
  • Understand the importance of associating and orchestrating Business Purposes 
  • Manage Archiving and Destruction of Business Data
  • Get a Sneak preview of the upcoming Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution on SAP BTP
  • Q&A 

Speaker TBD

at SAP


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Bernt Bakken

Key Account Manager at SBN-Adfahrer


Number of participants: 21

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