SBN IT Architect Day

29/03 | Start: 09:00

SBN IT Architect Day

March 29th, 09:00-15:30.

A virtual day with focus on Customer System landscape. 

SAP's best practice for customers' cloud transformation. Focus on OnPrem, Hybrid, Cloud and RoadMap.

We will touch in on Security options, Integration, Sizing, Infrastructure, Backup, Disaster Recovery, System Deploy Options and Platform Availability options etc topics related to building the System Landscape.

Overview of systems and toolings to facilitate customer move to Agile/DevOps

  • Agile/DevOps automatization of processes
  • SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) – experiences for introducing this into your system landscape
  • S/4 Continues upgrade (Tools and techniques to accelerate and safeguard your upgrades)
  • RISE - Technical considerations – experiences
  • Alerting and Monitoring of productive processes – leassons learned from customers


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Sigurd Skyum
Sigurd Skyum
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
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Eva-Maria FahrerEva-Maria Fahrer
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
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Didrik ArstadDidrik Arstad 
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
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Sigurd Skyum

Head of Retail and Projects at SBN-Adfahrer


Determine the best digital transformation path forward
SAP Transformation Navigator is a tool that helps organizations assess their current technology landscape and determine the best path forward for digital transformation. It provides a structured approach for evaluating and implementing SAP solutions, allowing businesses to quickly and easily understand their options and make informed decisions about their technology investments. This can help organizations improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness.

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Karl Bergström

Enterprise Architect at SAP Danmark AS



DevOps in SAP environments – how to combine agility with control
DevOps enables your development teams to achieve high-level agility and quality - also for SAP projects. In this session, get an introduction to SAP's recommended approach that allows to foster agile development with DevOps principles for SAP-specific use cases, to boost your cloud transformation! All this with the right mix of agility and control for SAP enterprise environments, with a low entry barrier, along the complete lifecycle of your on-premise, hybrid and cloud-native apps. And complemented by the option for a smooth integration into existing overarching Application Lifecycle Management processes, such as for change management and observability.

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Boris Zarske

Product Manager at SAP SE



OnapsisSAP Cybersecurity Maturity: How to Grow a Practice from Infancy to Adulthood 
In this session, we will discuss the current state of cybersecurity and risk in the SAP ecosystem and talk about strategies to assess where your organization is today and what you can do to be better in the future. Ernest Guiterrez Roca will discuss:

  • The power and importance of business applications like SAP and why they are a target
  • What your defense-in-depth model might be missing
  • How to evaluate your maturity today
  • Steps to improve your maturity to ‘adulthood’
  • *SOC Connectivity - Enable SOC for SAP

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Ernest Gutierrez Roca

SAP Security Support Engineer at Onapsis



Controlled delivery of cloud changes – introduction to SAP Cloud Transport Management service
SAP Cloud Transport Management service lets you manage software deliverables between accounts of different environments (such as Neo and Cloud Foundry), by transporting them across various runtimes. This includes application artifacts as well as their respective application-specific content. The service adds transparency to the audit trail of changes and enables a separation of concerns. After an introduction to the offering, you will get information on hybrid transport scenarios and a demo (about the transport of development artefacts and application content).

This presentation will be a deep-dive session to some of the topics already outlined in the first part “DevOps in SAP environments – how to combine agility with control” session of the workshop.

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Harald Stevens

Product Manager at SAP SE


How to Avoid Change Freezes during Migrations and Upgrades
Hear about the only DevOps automation platform specifically engineered for use in SAP systems.
The platform comes from Basis Technologies and helps you to':
•    DevOps and test automation provides a fast, low-risk way to execute key steps in the S/4HANA journey as well as any upgrade or change project
•    Lets SAP teams keep S/4HANA systems updated without ever imposing a production change freeze
•    Automation to support successful S/4HANA projects and other projects

SAP teams have to do everything they can to avoid disruption during projects, but in today’s fast-moving world the business simply can’t afford to put a block on innovation. That means if you’re going to get to S/4HANA as efficiently as possible and leverage the latest innovations when you’re there, you need a way to avoid the old-fashioned idea of a change freeze. 

Moving to S/4HANA might seem like a one-off project but there’s much more involved when you consider the preparation necessary for a smooth transition and the open-ended challenge of innovation and keeping also a new system up to date.

Link to BasisTechnologies 

James Barter

Solution Director at Basis Technologies



Skytjenester og sikkerhet sett fra NSM
Sky og NSMs bekymringer
Sky og sikkerhetsansvar
Misforståelser om fysisk plassering av datasenter
Kryptering av kundedata i skyen (in Norwegian)

John Bothner

Sikkerhetsekspert/Fagdirektør at Nasjonal sikkerhetsmyndighet


Many more presentations to be published. 
The members of the program committee (see below) are working with the program together with Sigurd Skyum, Didrik Arstad and Eva-Maria Fahrer in SBN.
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Anders Bakken

Enterprise Architect at Elkjøp Nordic


Arild Bjørneng

Principal Project Manager at NTT DATA Business Solutions


Marit Groven

Head of IT Finance and Supply Chain Technology at Elkjøp Nordic


Stein Ove Røv

Department Manager DigIT Platform Services at Skagerakenergi


Jan Morten Solhaug

Avdelingsdirektør i Cyberforsvaret at Forsvaret



End of Day and a Quick Survey 

Eva-Maria Fahrer

CEO at SBN-Adfahrer


Sigurd Skyum

Head of Retail and Projects at SBN-Adfahrer

Number of participants: 18

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  • Arild Bjørneng  
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