SBN Webinar: Alumecos journey to a network strategy for a cost efficient P2P processes

Start: 12/06 09:00

Alumecos journey to a network strategy for a cost efficient P2P processes

June 12. 9:00-10:00

The webinar covers how Alumeco replaced its current EDI-connections and incoming PDF invoices with a network based strategy for their AP-process in order to minimize manual labour, automate processes and save money, while staying legally compliant in all geographical regions.

We will also be talking about how Pagero and Alumeco are working together to onboard suppliers to go 100% electronic in the P2P process.

Join us and learn how you as well can move from EDI and PDF invoices to a network strategy.

  • AP Automation - Receive all supplier invoices electronically
    • Ensure data quality and minimise error-handling, regardless of your suppliers’ processes and capabilities.
  • AR Automation - Digitalise your invoice distribution
    • Connect your ERP system to the Pagero Network to distribute all your customer invoices with a touch of a button. 
  • Compliance - Meet local requirements globally
    • Pagero´s multi-channel compliance service makes it easy for our customers to become and remain locally compliant – no matter where business may take them.
  • Government infrastructures – Reach the government platforms
    • Pagero’s network provides access to government infrastructures and clearance hubs to meet B2B and B2G legal mandates.
  • PEPPOL - communicate with any trading partner connected to Peppol’s eDelivery Network
    • Reach any trading partner connected to Peppol’s eDelivery Network, convert documents to Peppol’s format, and send or receive documents to and from all your trading partners.
  • Use case Alumeco – Going global with Pagero
    • Reaching business partners with one connection to the network and the Pagero Universal Format.

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Presented by:

Einar ChristophersenBjarne Breinbjerg (LinkedIn)
CFO Alumeco AS

Bo Holm-ChristiansenBo Holm-Christiansen (LinkedIn)
Key Account Manager, Pagero AB

Magnus ChölerMagnus Chöler (LinkedIn)
Team Leader Major Accounts Nordic, Pagero AB


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Didrik Arstad
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Tags: finance, analytics, pagero, sap knowledge

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