Webinar: Revolutionizing Business Processes with Mendix in Norsk Hydro

Start: 15/09 09:00 | End: 15/09 10:00

Revolutionizing Business Processes with Mendix in Norsk Hydro

Date: September 15, 09:00 - 10:00
Location: Webinar

In the ever-evolving landscape of aluminum manufacturing, innovation is a cornerstone of success. Join us for a transformative webinar as we delve into the journey of leveraging Mendix within Norsk Hydro, revolutionizing business processes, and forging synergies with the SAP ecosystem. In this session we will cover why Norsk Hydro chose Mendix, how we utilize the platform, and some important lessons we learned along the way.

Agenda/Bullet Points:

  1. Introduction to company and speaker 
  2. Why Mendix?
  3. What is Mendix?
  4. How do we work?
  5. What did we create?
  6. Lessons learned


Ruben Nuijten MScRuben Nuijten MSc, Team Lead Mendix. Norsk Hydro

Ruben Nuijten has 5+ years of experience in the Mendix domain, both as developer, consultant, and Team Lead. In his current role at Norsk Hydro, Ruben leads an international team of ten in-house Mendix developers, overseeing the development and integration of tailor-made Mendix solutions into a vast and complex application landscape.

Recording: [slides on this link]


Didrik ArstadDidrik Arstad
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 90562921


Tags: cx, retail, finance, analytics, hr, remuneration, it, hana, projects, logistics

Number of participants: 30

  • Jeanette Becsán  
  • Peter Hellner  
  • Chahid Bibi  
    Norsk Hydro
  • Øyvind Romundstad  
    Norsk Hydro AS
  • Naomy Nainggolan  
  • Jonatan Teigland  
    Statkraft AS
  • Erling Lund  
    Yara Norge AS
  • Freddy Hafskjold  
    Statkraft AS
  • Kimmo Maarala  
    Elkjøp Nordic
  • Therese Thorvaldsen  
    Coop Norge SA
  • Michael Irving  
    Norsk Hydro AS
  • Didrik Kjeilen  
  • Yevhen Riabtsun  
    Statkraft AS
  • Tone Rønningen  
  • Ingvild Johansen Haugnes  
    Hydro ASA
  • Thomas Homme Pettersen  
    Helse Vest
  • Marco Dekkers  
    Hydro Aluminium AS
  • Thomas Thykjaer  
    Elkjøp Nordic
  • Dag Fischer Nielsen  
    Coop Norge SA
  • Håvard Hammer  
    Coop Norge SA
  • Lars Marstein Lund  
  • Beata Olin  
  • Aksel Oland  
    Hydro Aluminium AS
  • Erik Snersrud  
    Norsk Hydro AS
  • Ahmad Maraqa  
    Elkjøp Nordic
  • Morten Soelberg  
    Morten Soelberg
  • Tore Brathaug  
  • Liv Brevik  
    Norsk Hydro AS
  • Wenche Hebnes Eik  
    Norsk Hydro AS
  • Didrik Arstad