SBN Visit at Helse Midt-Norge - Guided tour EWM

Start: 11/05 10:00 | End: 11/05 15:00

SBN Visit at Helse Midt-Norge - Guided tour EWM

May 11th, 10:00-15:00

Join SBN and visit Helse Midt-Norges warehouse in Trondheim. The EWM solution is brand new, implemented as late as in end of 2022. We will get the story and a guided tour and in addition, SAP will share new functionality in the latest release of EWM and show the App.

Link to article about the warehouse

Logistikksenter Helse Midt-Norge
Industriveien 59
7080 Heimdal

Our host is:

Daniel Boer Johansen HEMITDaniel Boer Johannessen
Process owner logistics/supply chain


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Eva-Maria FahrerEva-Maria Fahrer
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+46 70 569 78 08




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Welcome and Networking


Welcome by Helse Midt-Norge IT  and SBN
Helse Midt-Norge has implemented SAP EWM and SAP TM to run the new logistics centre (Helse Midt-Norge Logistikksenter).
The implementation project has been run together with NTT Data Business Solutions with a relatively short timeline, with the premise of setting up both EWM and TM with as much standard as possible. The presentation will focus on how we executed the project, and on the lessons learned during this time. Presentation about the implementation project of EWM and TM will be split in two and continued after the guided tour

--> Link to PDF, Daniels, Mariells and Geirrs presentation



Marielle Falkenberg Udahl

Logistikksjef (LS HMN) at St. Olavs Hospital HF

Daniel Boer Johannessen

Process owner logistics/supply chain at Hemit HF



Guided tour in new Helse Midt-Norge Logistikksenter. We will hear about the facilities and the processes which are run through the center. 

Daniel Boer Johannessen

Process owner logistics/supply chain at Hemit HF





SAP’s New Mobile Experience in Warehouse Management
Get latest insights into the Mobile Experience from SAP and how it transforms the user experience and productivity of warehouse personnel interacting with SAP EWM. See the latest mobile application for SAP EWM the SAP Warehouse Operator and learn how latest on-device technology improves productivity and transforms interaction patterns. New version of the App will be relased soon and this page will be complemented with a video as soon as ready.

Pramods presentation is found here


Pramod Sidlaghatta Jaiprakash

Product Manager | Enterprise Mobility | User Experience | Future of Work at SAP SE



Continued about the implementation project of EWM and TM - Including discussions about functionality

Tip from Geirr: YouTube-link to EWM and TM videos by Trond Rodvang, SAP


Daniel Boer Johannessen

Process owner logistics/supply chain at Hemit HF


Geirr Winsnes

Senior SAP Application Consultant, Project Manager, Team Lead at NTT DATA Business Solutions



Eventual follow up, Survey, summary and Thank you - Slutt på dagen - Takk!  Nedenfor finner du en mulighet til å dele ideene dine for emner, workshopområder og neste års arrangementer eller ü fortelle oss at du vil bli med i EWM-teamet ... 


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Eva-Maria Fahrer

CEO Adfahrer and SBN at SBN-Adfahrer


Daniel Boer Johannessen

Process owner logistics/supply chain at Hemit HF


Number of participants: 28

  • Jasmin Mehic   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Kathrine Berntsen   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Silje Fjellby   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Inger Myren   F2F
    Norske Skog ASA
  • Torgeir Okstad   F2F
    Norske Skog ASA
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer   F2F
  • Anders Helliesen   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • ria mae sumagaysay   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Line Finne Halvorsen   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Thomas Ekrem Jensen   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Maren Aasland   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Hans Martin Bjørneset   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Hjørdis Herstad   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Finn Helge Bjøru   F2F
    Hemit HF
  • Tor Einar Jørgensen   F2F
    Hemit HF
  • Harald Thorsen   F2F
    Helse Nord-Trøndelag HF
  • William Gilbu   F2F
    Maske AS
  • Monika Ringen   F2F
  • Thomas Danielsen   F2F
    Coop Norge SA
  • Torgeir Aune   F2F
    Hemit HF
  • Liv Solveig Vestvik   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Pramod Sidlaghatta Jaiprakash   F2F
    SAP SE
  • Lorenz Oberholzer   F2F
    ConocoPhillips Norge
  • Joakim Solbakk Pedersen   F2F
    Helse Vest RHF
  • Aron Frafjord   F2F
  • Didrik Arstad   F2F
  • Thomas Berg   F2F
  • Elin Sterner   F2F