Automation engine for receiving customer orders

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 11/05/2022 17:09

From patchwork handling of processes 
- to automation engine for receiving customer orders

The Denmark-based pharmaceutical company and World leader in allergy immunotherapy, has come to rely on the benefit of a unified entrance channel for receiving all customer orders. But it hasn’t always been their standard business set up. 

The rollout of their workflow solution in the ALK subsidiaries took place from 2010 to 2013. Since then, ALK have been a values customer that xSuite have advised and supported in keeping their application up-to-date.

Recent developments are a new implementation of the xSuite Sales module in autumn 2021 giving ALK the benefit of a unified entrance channel for receiving all customer orders.

According to José Manuel Lema Herreros, SAP Logistics consultant at ALK, "With this software we have improved how we process orders from our customer service departments, together with granting them new functionalities like Customer recognition, monitoring and reporting tools that make the process more efficient. Together with the capacity to search for different improvements to the different countries where automatic order processing is a must"

In 2021 the existing application was replaced by a new implementation utilizing the xSuite Sales module. This is in use for receiving all incoming sales orders at ALK’s German, Spanish, French, and Austrian subsidiaries. xSuite Orders manages the workflow-supported creation of a large number of orders in SAP SD. 

The company’s customer-service departments receive all orders for the treatment of specific patients, which come in by fax, email, internet, or post. Almost 60% are repeat orders. The target was to limit the amount of work in Customer Service in processing new incoming orders. 

José Manuel Lema Herreros"Automated customer recognition, workflow based on customer groups and first step automation on generation of sales orders in SAP, together with the overview of the sales order processes that minimizes the effort of Customer service department reducing errors in data capture" José Manuel Lema Herreros, SAP Logistics Consultant


You can listen to José Manuel Lema Herreros from ALK right here, when ALK and xSuite presented their case at the SAPSA VärImpuls Conference on April 26th.:The  customer ALK presented together with xSuite l in Sweden. Link to this recording:

The xSuite Nordic customer Ørsted presented a month ago, see link recording:


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