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The Finance Agenda

In line with the overall theme for the User Conference this year "drivers and catalysts for change" , we are about to complete all of the contributions in the Finance-track. The breakouts in Finance And Analytics will include the following: 

Day One will be focused on business/finance processes and how to improve them successfully on a global scale, how you can profit from and leverage SAP S/4HANA and intelligent technologies:

  1. POC of a bluefield approach of setting up Finance in SAP S/4HANA to really reap the benefits of the platform. An interesting approach to showcase the major benefits in S4 for the business by doing a greenfield approach as opposed to a brownfield approach with a special view on finance, including parallel ledgers, new asset accounting, Business Partner, Credit Management, Cash  Management, Fiori and embedded analytics etc.. and including currency. Jose Eximeno from Takeda will talk about his experiences in this project. As Jose states, the whole idea was to "create an appetite in the business for how their daily business would be simplified thanks to this innovative solution."
  2. Intelligent technologies and how you can leverage use cases for automation in SAP S/4HANA Finance as well as get an overview of a set of predefined apps and bots in BTP and make use of Fiori to streamline and automate your business processes.
  3. Roundtable Discussion on Process Improvement  - Norsk Hydro, Equinor and Statkraft will share their challenges and opportunities in bringing about process improvements and alignment as well as global process governance in their organizations as an intro to a discussion of good or best practice to achieve process goals, harmonization/standardization as first steps to automating business processes. This is your chance to learn from and discuss with others and share your thoughts on the topic. This is a first-time type of event at the User Conference, so take part and help make it a success.

Day Two to include Sustainability, Analytics, SAP Document and Reporting Compliance and bank integration:

  1. Update on Sustainability Tower in SAP including the latest App's and functionality related to EU Taxonomy and recently approved CSRD regulations and how and to what extent you can profit from constantly more integration and apps in S4 and Sustainability Tower.
  2. Based on a number of use cases in the Norwegian market, Lars Johansen from NTT DATA Business Solutions will showcase how customers are using Workiva to collect and create their ESG report and link it to the relevant ESG framework. And how they easily can combine the annual report with numbers from their sustainability report going forward. Integration to SAP will also be addressed.
  3. SAP Document Compliance and Reporting  or DCR will most probably be one of the options to consider in meeting requirements and demands from Governments around the world as well as integration with your vendors and we are hoping that Olivia Vorstheim, Product Owner and Arne Johan Larsen from Equinor will help you understand more of the possibilities in a session called: "Document Reporting and Compliance - how DRC can help you with compliance locally and worldwide and become a strategic advantage with your journey on S4"
  4. Many of our members are using DNB as their main bank and since Telepay will no longer be supported  as a Payment Format in 2024 (many have already moved away from this format) and DNB are delivering camt.053-files, with specifications of inbound and outbound transactions, Pearl will showcase their bank integration solution and focus on  ways to automate bank matching and reconciliation.
  5. Erik Fosser, Solutions Architect Analytics in Norsk Hydro will present the Norsk Hydro DataSphere Journey. No doubt a very interesting topic for many, since this product has strategic implications for both SAP and customers moving to the Cloud and need to explore options for their on-prem data warehouse. In fact, this topic is of such magnitude and relevance that Cognizant will give their thoughts on what is the best solution and approach to decide how to solve Data Analytics and Data Intelligence with S4 as the main ERP system. 

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Didrik ArstadDidrik Arstad

Head of Innovation Team Finance & Analytics
SAP User Group in Norway - SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge

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